Focus For 2016

AUGUST 3, 2016


Dear heart, to learn to co-create with the divine spirit of your being is one of the greatest gifts that you may give to yourself. To open your heart and mind and recognize and accept the deepest Divine part of you and to allow yourself to co-create with them on the Earth as the channel that you are is also a loving gift that you offer for all of humanity.

For we say to you, dear heart, that when you open your heart and mind to the Divine Self within you then you begin to express what you have come to express on the Earth and no more do you offer your illusion of physicality to the world, but only your divine truth.

As you move out of limitation and separation and surrender to this divine truth you begin to see the alignment of your free will and the power it holds in the physical realm and you understand the great wisdom of this gift that you have been given. You truly begin to understand the power that you hold to create in each moment.

Yet as you open your channel and allow the divine spirit of your being to be present in your life and you choose to surrender to its higher wisdom and its deeper connection to the Divine Universal Plan you begin to let go the stories and illusions that have held you in limitation and separation for so long. Through your own choice, you begin to align your free will with the will of your Divine Self, for you are able to see the wisdom of this and you let go your resistance and fear.

As you align more and more with the wisdom of your Divine Self you begin to receive this wisdom more and more as your truth and as such you open to manifesting this consciousness in your reality through the power of your free will. You begin to align your free will with the will of your Divine Self.

When you do this then all that you choose to create on the Earth is created and then manifested in co-creation with your Divine Self.

Over the course of this one-year school of en-lightenment we will support and assist you through the teachings that we offer, hundreds of tools, processes and activations, clear guidance and the infinite wisdom of the Ascended Masters to open to this journey of full surrender to the wisdom of your Divine Self, the pure Source spirit of your being that sits in the very heart of Source consciousness in alignment with the Divine Plan of God's heart.

As you open to this journey you will be given practices and projects to do that will assist you to learn to co-create on the Earth in Oneness and no longer in separation.  

When you hold separation energy you are always limited in your life and there will always be resistance that will create challenges for you that will distract you from your path. When you begin to open to your divine self and allow yourself to co-create with your Divine Self then all limitation drops away and you begin to embrace new potential in your life, not simply as a dream or a wish, but as a manifested new reality for you.

The more you choose to surrender and embrace co-creation with your Divine Self then the more you embrace the new and more en-lightened consciousness of you and this is the gift you have come to offer to the world.

What Is Co-Creation?

At this time on planet Earth all souls are being asked to let go their ego minds and to honor and accept that they are a part of the greater consciousness that is One with all things. We are being asked to understand that we are all One and we are One with all things.

Until we let go our need to be separate we cannot learn to co-create together in unity. While we continue to hold onto the attachment that we are separate and are unable to open our hearts to each other then we will continue to wage wars with each other, within our communities and between nations.

A long time ago in this galaxy there was a great war between planets and races, created by separation consciousness and the need for control, which we saw as power. This is often referred to as the Orion Wars, yet it involved most of the planets in the galaxy and most of the races. Many of which were destroyed. When an agreement of peace was finally created there was so much unresolved karma created in this galaxy that it was decided that the souls who had been part of this war would re-incarnate on the planet Earth as a collective of souls together until we had learned how to resolve this karma.

So far we are still replaying it again and again and we still cling to our illusion of separateness and the ego self. Until we learn to co-create together nothing will change, dear hearts.

At this time on our planet we are being asked to shift into a new consciousness where we are open to the Oneness with all things and are willing to co-create through grace and compassion with each other.

New Focus for You

The light of your Divine Self knows no limitation and it will lift your frequency to a higher vibration if you allow it and welcome it into your life. Your Divine Self is always able to see the higher potential even when you cannot. It can see the pathway that is the highest for you to walk in any given moment and if you allow it then it will guide you to this place.

During this program you will work with the Ascended Masters and your own Divine Self - the part of Source Creation within you that you may call the God Self - to align fully to the will of your Divine Self and no longer the will of your ego mind.

You will learn how to co-create with your Divine Self and to trust deeply that your Divine Self will only bring to you the higher potential for your being - even when you may not see this as your truth.

During this program you will come to understand that when you open your channel pillar to receive and transmit your spiritual current, then you are never alone. You are always connected to the many parts of you that support and assist you in each moment – Earth Guides, Higher Selves, Soul, Angelic Light and your Divine Self and more.

What will you receive during this one-year training?

  1. We will show you how to move through the fear and separation consciousness you may hold so you may open your heart and mind to the wisdom and light of your Divine Spirit more deeply.
  2. We will work deeply together to learn how to surrender and trust your Divine Self to open you to your highest potential on the Earth.
  3. In the first 6 months we will focus on all consciousness that you hold that is in separation to your Divine Self. 
  4. In the second six months we will focus on surrendering to the guidance and wisdom of your Divine Self so that you may manifest in your life the highest potential for you in each moment.
  5. You will be given many exercises and activations that will en-lightened you as to the power of your ego's will, the will of your soul, and the will of your Divine Self.
  6. You will work in a Student Buddy System during the course that will assist you to learn to co-create together on many levels.


Is your Divine Self the captain of your ship or is your ship being driven by your ego and unresolved aspects right now? Do you know the answer?

Your soul always wishes for you to live a life that is rich and fulfilling on the Earth, filled with joy, love and well-being. If this is not the life you are living, then ask yourself who is truly driving your ship right now?

When you open your channel to receive your spiritual current and let go your need to control your connection to your spirit, then you are able to allow the consciousness of your Divine Self to flow in your life and to guide you with clarity. 

When you do this, you will feel connected, safe and open to trust yourself and your spirit. Yet this requires a little work and the ability to surrender and step into self-mastery with your Divine Self. Are you ready?

Life is a Ceremony - Honor the Ceremony of You

When you live your life outside of yourself, you spend a lot of time giving your power away to other energies outside of you while trying to find your power in them through seeking approval and confirmation from outside forces. When you live from the outside, you are always outside of yourself looking in, always feeling disconnected and separate.

But when you choose to go inside yourself and make the inner journey to connect with your spiritual current, you feel empowered and live from your authentic self. When you go inside, you open your channel and connect with more of who you are.

You begin to acknowledge and accept your gifts and talents and use them wisely. You begin to open your channel to the spiritual current of your being and feel supported and assisted to be all you can be on the Earth. You are no longer alone, nor disempowered because you are living from the core power of your being. You begin to live on the Earth as the divine being you are.

What do you need to choose in order to do this course? 

  • Release old beliefs and programs that make you feel alone and separate
  • Be ready to let go your fear and anger
  • Let go the control of your ego mind
  • Choose to surrender your will
  • Open your mind and heart to your Divine Self
  • Follow the guidance of your Divine Spirit without question
  • Learn to honor your Divine Spirit over all else
  • Be motivated and committed to do the work in this course
  • Be open and ready to co-create with your Divine Self



The work in the Open to Channel School may challenge you at times because you may be asked to question your life and your values. You may be asked to choose a new path that aligns more closely with what your spirit sees as your highest potential in life. Yet these are all amazing opportunities to grow and evolve.

You will be asked to let go of your old programs and paradigms that disempower you and you will be assisted to work with the aspects of yourself that cause you to lose faith in who you are.

You will be asked to surrender to the will of your Divine Self and to trust this implicitly in your life as you let go the desires and needs of your ego.

Your ego and unresolved karmic aspects of self may wish to continue to assert their control over you and may be unwilling to let go their illusions of control. You may experience emotions and energies that ask you often to make a choice to work with either the will of your Divine Self or the will of your ego.

Yet during this process of learning how to co-create with your spirit, you will be supported every step of the way. You will be asked to permit the will (guidance) of your Divine Self to become the leading force in your life. We will show you how to become the Master of your own energy and bring all parts of you into alignment to create harmony in your core being so that you may know peace and fulfilment. 

All students must have access to the internet, email and a computer or ipad to do this course.

If you need more information please contact Ishtar.