Welcome to you all. This is a series of healing channels that we hold on the Full Moon each month. This work is oversouled by the Ascended Masters, the Angelic healers from the angelic realms, and psychic healers from the Cosmos.

Invitation to join our monthly full moon meditations. They are free and all are welcome!

All you are asked to do is to open your heart to receive the healing energy offered to you. This is a conscious choice, dear heart, that you are asked to make. When you do, the healing energy is magnified 100 times due to the power of the full moon.

You may listen to these recordings at any time to receive the energy that is held within them.

We bless and honor you in loving connection.

March 13 2017 - Emotional Body Healing - Video link

March 13 2017 - Emotional Body Healing - Audio only

February 11 2017 Audio only Link

February 11 2017 Video Link

January 2016 Full Moon

February 2016 Full Moon

Wesak April 2016

May 2016 Full Moon

June in Glastonbury 2016 Full Moon

July 2016 Full Moon Meditation

August 2016 Full Moon Meditation

September 2016 Full Moon Meditation Audio only

September Full Moon Meditation Video 

October 2016 Full Moon 

November 2016 Full Moon Audio 

November Full Moon Video

December 2016 Full Moon Audio