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The Open to Channel School is a deep commitment to your divine self and requires time, discipline, consistency and motivation.  If you choose to do the work it will change your life and the way you view the world around you in a deep and profound way. 

This course is a committed offering from the Ascended Masters and the Councils of Light in agreement with In'Easa mabu Ishtar. All students are expected to make the same commitment and to follow the course and do the work as offered in the manual supplied. Students are expected to attend the webinars and student days if you wish to achieve the levels of light consciousness that are required to open your channel pillar to assist you to anchor your gifts in the physical world.

The more you allow yourself to do the work that is offered during the School, the more you will evolve in your Mastery. The choice of how much you do and what you allow to unfold for you during the School is for you to decide. Whatever choice you make will be honored by the Universe and the School. 

Ishtar asks anyone who is considering doing this course to sit in meditation and ask your Divine Self if this course is in the highest for you. When you have your answer then follow this guidance with an open heart.

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Student Requirements

Students need to be aligned to these four divine truths. Please go within and meditate upon them and then ask yourself if you are aligned to these 4 prinicples in the highest for you, beloveds.

1. All is in Oneness - no matter how it presents itself in the physical matter

2. All that I experience is One with the creator spirit and every creation is an expression of the divine essence in some form - no matter how I view it or choose to judge it

3. The Divine Essence flows through all things and it is this flow that I hold within me. It moves through me in each moment on many different levels and frequencies, affecting me on all levels. How I choose to interact with this Essence becomes my reality.

4. I Am a divine creator in all things. I hold the key to my reality and the life I lead in the physical realm. What I choose in each moment becomes my be-ing in that moment.


What do students need to join this school?

Students will need to have:

  • Commitment, discipline and motivation on your spiritual path to be all that you are 
  • Commitment to the work in order to complete this course.
  • Commitment and motivation to open to a deeper spiritual connection
  • A desire to change your life for the better
  • Ability to meditate, or a willingness to learn
  • A basic understanding of spiritual concepts that include the chakras and energy fields
  • Access to the Internet and a computer. It is easy to organise.

Are you ready? The choice is yours to make….

Your Time Commitment

You will need to allocate at least 4-6 hours per week to do this School.

1. Daily Meditation – 30 minutes minimum at least 5 days a week.

2. Weekly Lessons and assignments  – minimum 2 hours per week

3. Extra Homework – approx. 30 minutes per week.

4. 18 Live Webinars – approx. 2 hours a month

5. OTC Student Group in your local area - 2 hours per month

6. 4 Personal Healing Sessions - from 6 hours per year

8. 2 Personal Sessions with Ishtar - from 2 hours per year

For Information On The Cost Of Open To Channel 2015 Please Click Here

If You Need More Information Please Contact Ishtar.