1. During the one year training you are supported by a council of 33 Ascended Masters and three Councils of Light.
  2. Each student is assigned one Ascended Master, who oversouls your journey during this course and is your guide and teacher.
  3. Your welcome letter includes a personal message from your Ascended Master that will explain your focus for the School this year.
  4. Ishtar is your mentor each step of the way and supports and assists you in your life as you work with the tools and teachings from the Ascended Masters.
  5. The School offers high frequency journeys, activations and teachings that are offered during the 12 months. These activate your energy fields and the light frequency of your Divine Spirit and supports this consciousness to be manifested in your physical life.
  6. You are given 100s of energy tools and processes to support you - some very practical and some profoundly esoteric. These assist you to move into a deeper space of consciousness within you.
  7. In some areas of the world - Sydney, Perth, Sunshine Coast, London, Geneva, New York, London, Mexico - students can join an Open to Channel School support group run by an accredited facilitator. These are usually offered one day a month over 10 months. New students must attend these groups if there is one in your area.
  8. Ishtar offers Sydney students 5 x  half-day teachings at the Ashram. This work is shared via a live webcast and any student may attend at this time. The recordings are shared.
  9. Each new student will receive 2 x Personal Sessions with Ishtar and the Ascended Masters of Light (These sessions are optional for past students). 
  10. Each new student receives 4 x Universal Rays Healing sessions over the 12 months from a nominated UR Healing therapist (this is not optional for new students because this work helps you to clear your unresolved aspects). These sessions will be offered either in person or via Skype as a distant healing. (These sessions are optional for past students.)
  11. All students receive 18 x live 2-hour teaching and student sharing webinars (dates may change according to Ishtar’s travel commitments). If you wish to initiate the focus of the course then it is advised ALL students attend these webinars.
  12. 6 x live webinars with the Love or Wisdom Mentor Council to receive guidance and answers to your questions.
  13. All students receive regular personal feedback and guidance from Ishtar to your lesson assignments and any questions you have during the course via email.
  14. Each student receives regular emails and wisdom teachings from Ishtar.
  15. Each student may join the dedicated Facebook group (closed) for all students to share and participate. Every student is asked to join this group because so much information is shared via the Facebook group from Ishtar and between students that is not shared elsewhere.
  16. On completion of the course a certificate of accreditation is issued to you
  17. All graduates of Open to Channel may apply to teach The Masters' Way self-mastery program to their own groups
  18. All graduates may be invited to join the Love and Wisdom Mentor Group to deepen their channel experience.
  19. Each year a student retreat is organised somewhere in the world and you are invited to attend at an optional extra cost. 

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If You Need More Information Please Contact Ishtar.