Ascended Masters


The Brotherhood of Light and Sisterhood of the Rays and Roses is a group of many councils of ascended light beings, many of whom have lived Earthly incarnations. As the Ascended Masters , these beings of light assist the Earth and humanity in its Ascension process. Each one of these masters has mastered the physical realms to ascend in light to be one with all that is.

They speak to us through many physical channels on the Earth today and also connect with us through our dreams, meditations, writings, drawings, sound, music and art.

They sit within the higher dimensions in the Great White Lodge and are cosmic beings of light that encompass galaxies of portals and vortexes of light. Their frequencies are of a much higher nature than those of the Earth realms and they move freely through the dimensions of light.

You may feel more aligned to work with certain Ascended Masters because they may be aligned with your soul group, councils of light on which you work or are connected to you because they hold keys for you at this time that will assist you on your path to Ascension.

Many who connect with you will be on your own Ascension Council, which will always hold 12 en-lightened masters from different dimensions and realms.

When you connect with an Ascended Master you will experience their divine vibrational energy and your energy will be expanded simply by being in their presence.

No matter whether you have ascended in other realms and other planets or have already achieved ascension here on Earth, you are here to assist Mother Gaia and all beings to ascend through the physical plane.

The use of the names of the Ascended Masters, images, symbols, mantras and codes or mandalas will spark within you a remembrance and a knowing of the Christ energy vibration and accelerate your own vibration to a more expanded level of being.

Yet my experience of seeing the Masters is always as a high frequency light body and not a physical human body. They always come in councils and never as one Masters alone, although only one Masters will speak or connect with you.

The Masters will come to you to share their mastery of co-creation in the physical realms that they have embodied and integrated through their being. Each Master holds specific gifts, wisdom and mastery they have embodied on their own journey and come to share this with you when you are in need of learning it on your journey so you may en-lighten.

In the Keys of Enoch by James J Hurtak it says: "Ascended Masters have served several incarnations in the lower heavens teaching the Cosmic Law of the Universe and who have ascended back into the presence of the Father from whence they receive new assignments to teach a wide variety of worlds because of their greater love."