The Masters’ Way

A Self-Mastery Course that Changes Your Life

Six years of channelled wisdom teachings from the Ascended Masters


Become the master that you are...

Would you like to grow more spiritually? The Masters’ Way shows you how. It offers three levels of spiritual growth with like-minded students as you share, grow, cry, love, laugh and dance together with your spirit.

Do you find life challenging at times? We make it easier. The Masters’ Way gives you the tools you need to cope day-to-day.

Are you looking for answers? We have plenty. The course helps you to become centred and calm so you can see things more clearly.

Do you need some tools to help you in life? It’s all there. The course offers you 100s of different tools that will support you.

Would you like more direction in life? The Masters’ Way teaches you about the Universal Laws and these really help you reach your highest potential.

Would you like to meet like-minded people? Students discover they have a lot in common and grow together like family.

Are you going through major changes in life? No worries, we can show you how to get through the bumps.

Do you want a bit of support? Through sharing experiences students support each other because they understand where you’re coming from.

Would you like to change your life? Students tell us over and over again that this course really changes their life for the better.

Step onto the path...

Our journey on the Earth may often be filled with challenges and pitfalls and without the tools we need to support us to find grace in our physical lives we continue to be the victim of our circumstances and experiences.

If you would like to change this in your life we offer you a way to step into self-mastery.

We do not say this will be easy, because it requires a little bit of work. But we do say that if you choose to step into self-mastery then you will find a way to create grace and ease in your life that you have not known to date.

The Masters' Way is a profound spiritual course that guides you to reconnect with your spirit at a deep level and to come into mastery of your life. It has been created over three levels by the Ascended Masters of light who hold this mastery themselves. The course was channelled from the Ascended Masters by In'Easa mabu Ishtar over 10 years in loving service to humanity.

The three levels are Path of Light, Path of Love and Path of Mystery. Each level takes about 10 months to complete and is filled with high frequency teachings, activations, healings and tools that support you in your day-to-day life to be all that you can be. You can do one level or all three - we find that most students want to continue after doing the first level.

While the healings and activation from the Masters offer exceptional wisdom and teachings at an energy level that is so high it often 'knocks you out' when you listen to them, the course is also very practical and asks you to take the teachings and practice using them in your day-to-day life.

This course introduces you to your spiritual self and helps you to understand your energetic body -  how to work with the chakras, the Universal matrix, your soul, your monad, the light body, karma, the Universal Laws, light rays of energy, and much more. 

Anyone can do this course… simply choose to let go and open your heart.

During this self mastery program you will be assisted to resolve any energy that may hold parts of you separate from your true self so that you can move further into becoming one with your spirit. The Ascended Masters hold no expectations as to what this might be – each one of you is a shining star that is connected to the whole, yet holds individual keys within that are waiting to unfold and manifest on the Earth. 

NOTE: We highly recommend that you do this course in a group with a facilitator in your area or via Skype. Due to the frequency it is difficult to complete this course on your own. Click here for a teacher in your area.

Level 1

The Path of Light – Learn How Powerful You Are


On the Path of Light the student begins to learn about spiritual concepts and their connection to the greater whole. Through 30 lessons and audio meditations you will learn how to connect with your spiritual self and expand your consciousness. The Path of Light teachers you about the power that you hold within you to manifest your reality on the Earth to meet your highest potential. It will show you what tools you need to use to create a balanced and harmonious life for yourself on the Earth.

During this course you will learn how to resolve your karma and release your shadow selves (aspects). The course manual offers information about your energetic being - the chakras, light body, the Universal matrix, your soul, your monad, how to work with karma, the Universal Laws, light rays of energy, and much more.

Level 2

The Path of Love - Learn to Love Yourself


The Path of Love is a deep and profound journey into the heart of you. It teaches you how to come into loving embrace of yourself through three very important steps. The first step is to acknowledge and honor all that you are. The second step is to accept all that you are - shadow and the light. The third step is to embrace the master self within and follow its guidance.

The Path of Love opens you to the energy of creation that is in abundance all around you. It asks you to accept the divine within you and to honor the divine all around you. This path asks you to let go all the stories that you are attached to that create separation in your life.

It is on this path that you begin to see all the possibilities that are open for you and come to know that each choice you make brings you close to your divine power.

The Path of Love is a deep path of self discovery and when you walk this path with a group of like-minded students you are deeply supported as you share together.

The Path of Love is the road home to all that you are.

Level 3

The Path of Mystery - Come Home to the Divine You


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“The mystery sits in the core of each one of us for we are the mystery. The eternal spiral of life moves deeply through the Universe and affects all things as it constantly creates again and again. It is this spiral of creation that brings us home to the very core of our being—the Source of all that is. Choose to walk the spiral of life in full surrender and release the will of the ego self to the will of your Divine Self. When you open your heart to the flow of creation in full surrender then you come to know the true power of the mystery as it manifests in your life.” - Ishtar


The The Path of Mystery is the path of surrender, yet it is also the path of power — for when you walk this path you fully surrender to the power of God within. It is on this journey that you step more deeply into the abyss of the Divine Self and return to the true heart within.

Some may call this coming “home” and yet it is to be understood that coming home needs no long journey to another place. To come “home” means journeying to the very heart of the Divine Self that is within. You have no need to search for it elsewhere in the heavens or the stars. It is already who and what you are — purely divine.


"During this course I have found that my attitude towards others and myself has changed, meaning that I can now accept others for who and what they are, and myself the same. I can also see that I look and understand my feelings in a better way and am much happier in myself. The biggest change that I have noticed is that I have become less reliant, in certain circumstances, on close family. I can now feel comfortable in being out and meeting people on my own. I certainly feel much more connected to the spiritual than before the course, as aspects of me have been lit up and highlighted, that I need to open and use."

Barbara, UK

I express my deep gratitude towards Ishtar and the work she does. Working with her through 3 programs (Path of Light, Path of Love and Open to Channel) she offers, has truly changed my life. Even as a yoga teacher for 10 years I was still struggling with heavy family relationship issues. This work has allowed me to transform all my relationships and truly open to my potential. I came from a feeling of being a victim of my life to being able to be happy in my life and with myself, manifesting my dreams and my light. I encourage everyone who wants truly to be happy to do this work. It is truly a blessing. Without this work I would not be who I am today - in awe with my life and myself. Thank you Ishtar to help me becoming the master of myself and of my life upon the earth. With my deep respect, love and gratitude.

Lila Catherine Bruschweiler (Nyon – Switzerland)

"I have seen progress in myself with each lesson. By looking within I have found understanding and acceptance of my own problems that exist. I find the need to continue my journey to become the person that is within me. I have looked inside in a different way. I wake up with the thought every morning that something wonderful is going to happen and that I will try to do the very best that I can for this day. I want to be the difference I see in the world today."

David, UK

“Much love and appreciation for that wonderful session . . . I have been moved into a space of gentle stillness . . . my fears have been stunned into silence by such eloquence, simplicity/complexity, and truth . . . my cup runneth over . . . Blessings”

Lela, Argentina

"Among her numerous gifts, Ishtar is a most kind, loving, wise, generous, compassionate and understanding soul. Two of her strongest assets as a channel are clarity and integrity. To Ishtar I say, thank you and may you be blessed a thousand times a thousand-fold with the Love and Light you share so freely with others."

Sol'lama September 2005, Connecticut, USA

"The gentle, truthful words of love from the masters spoke directly to what was most needed in my life "now" to move forward on my journey. Most important were the practical suggestions offered to assist me to move beyond my resistance and to bring all the parts of me that feel separate and alone Home to the One Heart. This was the answer to the question I was seeking. I am eternally grateful for this assistance."

Sariya, Tucson Arizona, USA - Educator for Healing the Body

“Beloved Ishtar. From the depths of my Being we thank Thee and The Masters for Love and Wisdom that has been shared. The Light that has been shed upon areas of the path that we have so longed for needed for understanding....Eternal Gratitude and Infinite Love for Thee and for The Masters. Sending you Waves and Waves and Waves of Love, Light and Sound.”

Lehaya Shamahlea Kiama Ki'El Crystal Heart Keeper of the Universal Sound Currents, USA