A message from Serapis Bey to all Lightworkers

A message from Serapis Bey to all light workers

Let the love of your being flow through you freely as you open yourself up to love of Source and the heart of creation energy that is all around you in each moment. This consciousness is always filled with love. All you are asked to do is to open your heart to receive it and allow it to flow in your life. Make this your reality. Open your eyes and you will see. Life is one long line of existence not many bit parts. It does not end and begin; it just is and continues eternally.

We have been with you for such a long time now and we tell you it is so simple, yet you choose, dear ones, to always make it so complicated. Yet we say to you, it is easy - simply a choice of what you wish to do. Simply choose to live in light and you will do so. Or, choose to live in the veil or darkness of illusions and delusion. And this you will do also.

Whatever you choose to do you will do and this will become your reality.

Some time ago there was an event that changed many things for the planet Earth, the harmonising time and since this time so many of you have discovered how easy it truly is to create harmony and peace. While at first it may have seemed such a struggle to you but in reality you discovered that it was not and the struggle was only there because of what you chose to make of it.

You speak of lessons all the time, dear hearts, when in truth there are no lessons, only the experiences you create for yourself and these are mostly in your own minds. The Earth is not a school and you are not children being taught.

The Earth is a place of wonder and joy, a place of amazing creation energy that cannot be found elsewhere in this Universe. This is a place to be enjoyed, revered and loved passionately. It is filled and overflowing with the pure creation energy of Source in each moment. And yet so many of you choose to find it a place of degradation and have created for yourselves all sorts of pain and heartache to endure. Yes, endure and you choose to do this so diligently.

Why do you choose to do this, when all you have to do is open your eyes and see the truth. Open your hearts and connect to the pure creation energy of Source. All this pain and suffering you have created is for nought. Choose to let it go. Choose to give it up to God, to the Universal energy of creation and choose to see the truth of what is.

All that you see around you on this Earth is of your own creation, dear ones, filled with the emotions, thoughts and actions of your experiences through all the dimensions and eons of your soul. Hold your connection to the light open and allow these emotions to pass through you when they arise. Choose not to be ruled by these emotions while you are in the physical plane. Let these emotions go, for they are only of the ego, they are not part of your God Presence self, which has no emotions such as these. In spirit you do not have these emotions that you speak about so often.

Choose to consciously clear the debris around you and keep this space clear. This Earth has become so dense because of your emotions and thoughts, dear ones. Remember that every single thought you have is a vibrational energy. It fills the space around you and builds and builds. When you keep repeating this thought then you give it more energy. When you dwell on it and hold it close to you like a lover then it builds more and more energy until it becomes its own conscious energy. Then it is able to create more energy like it and it expands and grows, connecting with similar thoughts all over the planet, creating the denseness of the mass consciousness.

Choose to disconnect from this lower vibration of the mass consciousness that is so filled with pain and fear. Choose to disconnect from the mass consciousness that believes it has no power, and that it cannot create change and cannot move forward because it thinks it has to sit in this denseness and remain there. It does not.

If every thought you created was clearly aligned and released to God the minute it got out then you would not have this denseness you call the third dimension. It would be so much lighter on the Earth in this lower dimension and your reality would be so much lighter.

If the love and light flowed freely in every thought from each being in each moment in Earth your existence then your experience would be one of true bliss in paradise. For beloved ones, understand this the Earth is your paradise. It is your heaven, if you will.

There are so many souls wish to experience this planet for its beauty and joy and the power of its creation energy. They wish to come to the planet for the opportunity to live life to its highest potential in the physical plane.

You have been given such a gift to expand your consciousness on this planet and to evolve in this way through the creation energy of the physical plane.

We ask you then why the do you wish to destroy it?

Choose to open to who you are, and reconnect with the Oneness and the wonder of creation and live like your true selves in the moment in light and in love as you were meant to.

Give all your ego and your mind thoughts up to God, dear ones. Choose to release these now and every time they appear in your mind and heart, choose to take control now of who you are and do not be swallowed up by the mass consciousness of your creation. It is time to make this change in your heart and mind. It comes with one choice – the choice to live as the spirit that you are in truth. Blessed be, we love you and honor the light that you are.