No Beginning, No Ending

Channel from Saint Germain

Welcome dear one. Let us talk of time today. Time is what you make it and yet there is no time. Time is not as you perceive it. You have made a time to meet with us and write this discourse but in truth there is no 5am and yet we have been doing this for a long time and yet no time.

It is very confusing for your Earthly minds that perceive all in the linear notion of time. Once you move away from the third dimensional gravity pull of your Earth time does not exist.

It is simply the flow of energy that exists and nothing is measured as you do in hours and minutes. Everything just is in the now of all.

For when you move your consciousness in the physical you see it in minutes and second, how much time has elapsed since you began moving. Outside of the Earth's gravity it is more like how much energy has moved in what way.

Everything revolves around the energy and how it pulls and flows and the frequency of its vibration. For everything has a frequency of vibration, even on Earth. Some frequencies are subtle, some dense like yours and some very finite and some infinite and eternal.

These frequencies create what you call dimensional space. These too are infinite. The universe moves through these frequencies in a continuum that are interconnected like doorways you can move through.

When you align your frequency to particular doorways you can move through them into the next or another that is further removed. You may think of this in terms of time travel but it is truly dimensional travel.

These spaces do not go up and down as you imagine and interpret through your mind. Energy does not move in this way. They are not necessarily stacked on top of each other. Sometimes yes they hold the same space but not always stacked, sometimes they are sideways, overlapping, and often intertwined, which is what happens often on Earth.

When you begin to learn how to change the frequency of your energy body you can then move through these doorways into other dimensions of space. But we would suggest to you that it is wise to ask for a teacher to learn this and to assist you to move where you wish to go and not simply fall from one dimension to another as you may become lost and disconnected to your own reality.

We know this can be very confusing for you, dear hearts, but when you choose to sit in meditation or create your visualisations and journeys you often access these doorways and move through them with your guides and teachers. When this occurs you may often create within yourself a space of no time and you feel you may have even lost time.

Coming back now to the question of time. We say to you dear hearts, try not to create for yourselves the shackles of time. Do not rush against the clock for the clock in truth is a false reality for you. It is your keeper in this plane of existence.

If you allow it to become your time keeper and in truth this is only your illusion, then this interpretations creates your perception of the universe and you will sit in illusion.

If you remember that you are indeed an energetic being having a multitude of experiences on the Earthly plane in many dimensions, time will not seem so important to you. Most of your experiences are happening in the now and if you remember that in truth you are an extension of your energetic self, which has been extended into this reality in this frequency.

Yet we ask you not to forget that there are other parts of your energetic self which are also extended into other frequencies and dimensions in the now having other experiences to your perceived reality.

Time, as you perceive it is of no consequence. It has simply become your shackles to keep you in this now and create the illusion there is a beginning and an end. Yet we say to you there is not.