The Ego Mind

Our ego self is a very powerful part of our beings and it often creates many illusions for us in our life that cause separation. The ego is the master of illusion and causes us to be dishonest with ourselves, over and over again, even when we think we are in our truth. This is because the ego is a master at telling us what we want to hear and not always what our souls think we need to hear. When we choose to be guided by our ego then we often become lost and cannot see our light in its divine truth.

We are consistently being asked to resolve this ego consciousness so that we can release the separation consciousness that we create to God, ourselves and to others. This separation causes us so much grief and heartache because we are not designed to be in separation to God, ourselves and other beings. We each hold within us the heart of Oneness and until we understand and accept that any time we are creating separation with any being, including ourselves then we are not living our divine truth.

To recognise the ego self it is important to understand what the ego self is. The ego self is the consciousness we hold that is filled with stories and beliefs that cause us to close our heart to receiving what comes to meet us in life. The ego self is run by thoughts, beliefs and emotions and will often tell you that you are in your heart because you are responding to your emotions.

The ego self is a body of consciousness that stores all our unresolved aspects and karmic consciousness and it is this that constantly causes us to be triggered and live our lives in reaction.

We are not being asked to supress or ignore the ego self, we are being asked to empty it of all stories and beliefs that are not aligned to the divine truth of our being in Oneness with all things.

A long time ago, Master Kuthumi offered me a teaching about the ego self and a process to assist me to learn to expand my consciousness and work through an open heart. I would like to share Kuthumi’s message with you as a reminder of your own divine truth.

"We are the Master Kuthumi and I come to teach you the disciplines and we have been with you for some time now, our beloved. It is time now to organise and construct. To create and build that which you have worked hard for these past lives and times. There is much to be done and yet there is very little. All it requires is your fervent agreement and acceptance of All That Is right now, in the now time of All That Is.

That is not so much now, is it? It is a time of focus and for listening to the guidance we are offering to you and placing into action in your plane and time, the energy that is being focused upon you.

How do you do this? You do this, beloved one, by allowing your free will to be focussed and training this discipline within you every day. It is to choose not to become distracted by all the illusions and glamours all around you. It is remaining steadfast to your vision and the path you have chosen to walk upon.

It is remaining connected to your spiritual teachers and guides and to us, dear one, as we assist you to walk this path you have chosen. It is all these things and more.

It is also opening your heart to All That Is and working every day to hold the consciousness of the heart open and being mindful of this, dear one. In your physical plane and dimension it is so easy in every moment to close the heart petals tight and shut.

So many small things may come to meet you at any time, in all spaces, and your ego mind will demand you close your heart to All That Is in order for it to assimilate and work through whatever energy that has arisen in your plane at the time.

Yet when the ego mind steps in and wishes to control what you are experiencing then dear one it begins to create many stories, emotions and thought forms and this may overwhelm you.

We ask you now, dear one, to tell your ego mind that holding your heart consciousness open will allow whatever energy that has arisen in your consciousness, which has caused your heart to want to close, to flow through you. And in an instant this energy will be released and allowed to flow on to Source so that your ego mind will not have to hold it. Yet, dear one,  it is for you to choose to surrender this energy and let it go so that it may flow back to its Source.

When your ego mind chooses to become involved with all these things that arise within your being in every waking moment in your physical dimension the ego mind insists on holding onto such things and matters. It does not want to let them go. The ego mind insists on worrying them and turning them over and over in their hands. The ego mind insists on seeking resolutions and learnings from this energy when often as not there are none to be found. The ego mind simply does not want to let them go for it is entranced by this energy that causes emotions and thought forms to overwhelm you.

The ego mind wants to get involved and it feels important, for it gives it something to do and to think about and indeed this allows the ego mind to be in control of you.

We ask you at such times to remember this and simply to tell the ego mind to let go. Ask the ego mind to allow whatever energy that has arisen within you to be allowed to flow through you. Become aware of this energy yes, my dear one. Understand the energy and whatever it is, dear one, surely. Look at it, touch it, hear it and sense where it comes from, yes indeed.

Yet, we say to you, do not choose to allow the ego mind to become tied into the little coils of energy it sends out and do not feed this consciousness so it grows and grows into something bigger and more powerful than it is. Allow it simply to rise up, then let it go consciously to Source, dear one.

In every waking moment we ask you, dear one, to choose to give all that rises up within you to Source. Allow all energies that are not aligned to your divine light and your soul signature to simply flow through you and back to Source as was intended.

When you choose to do this, then this will allow you to hold your heart open with compassion for yourself and for other beings.  This in itself is a discipline. When it becomes difficult for you, dear one, call to us for assistance. Call to any of the masters or archangels to assist you and we will be with you.

We ask that you allow each day a small time for meditation and give this time to reconnecting to your spirit and your soul. Simply sit in the silence of who you are with your I Am presence with an open heart. Be aware of any blocks or limitations that have arisen and release them to Source at this time.

Call on the love and light energy of All That Is to flow through you and through your heart filling your energy body and energy field all around you with the love and light of the divine of All That Is.

In doing this, dear one, you will assist your ego mind to remain in the love and light of the divine and to hold your heart open.

This is such a small discipline and even in your busy physical life it is not so much to do. We ask you to try, dear one, to hold this discipline in your day.

You will need to open your heart to do this and expand your energies out further and further. This small discipline will assist you to walk in the light and hold the love within your field every day.

It will assist you to allow all energies simply to flow through you as they were meant to do and not become trapped by your ego mind that wishes to create a story from this and to control it.

It will assist the mind and the ego to let go and release all that it holds within to Source. It will assist you to reconnect with the knowledge of the expanded energetic being that you are.

And as you expand in this moment, as you allow the love and light of All That Is to flow through you and fill you, then expand this love and light out into your energy field.

We ask you to connect with your own energy body and feel how large this energy is. Try and connect at this time with the edges of your energy body. It may be difficult to find the edges as it will seem as if your energy body simply goes on and on into All That Is. The ego mind will find this difficult to accept at first and it will want to control this. Simply tell the ego mind to let go and allow it to be free to expand with the energy.

Then we ask you to see the little filaments of energy that flow out from your energy body connecting to All That Is. See the thousands and thousands of little filaments of light that connect you to All That Is.

We ask you then to focus your attention on a living plant such as a tree in your garden and to connect again with the thousands of tiny filaments of your energy body.

We ask you then to send these tiny filaments of light out to the tree or plant connecting with this energetic being. As you connect send out love and kindness through these filaments to this energetic being. As you do this, we ask you to open the conscious part of your heart and breathe deeply and receive from this living energetic being. Open your heart fully to receive from this being and you will feel the energy consciousness of this being. Expand yourself out to this being even more and ask permission to merge together with this being. When you have permission, expand your filaments out again and allow your light filaments to travel up and down this being expanding outwards from this being as you begin to merge your energies together. In doing this you will feel the energies of this being.

We ask you to hold your heart consciousness open to this being to receive. Stay within the love and light of All That Is as you complete this.

It is a wondrous thing. Understand in this moment that you are one with All That Is. You and this being are one and the same. Your energy source is the same. You are one with All That Is.

When you are ready and complete please pull all your filaments back now into your own energy body. We ask you not to leave any behind. This is part of the teaching and discipline.

Check again that all filaments are back with you and that none have broken off. Also send back all filaments of the being you have been working with so that none of their filaments remain in your energy field. Ask for this to occur and it will, dear one.

You may call now to Lord Michael to assist with this and to check and see if you have completed this.

This small exercise is the beginning of many lessons for you to connect with All That Is. You may practice this with all plant beings for some time. As you become more proficient you may extend this to other beings always remembering to ask permission before you do so.

We ask you to work within the Universal Laws with this. This discipline will assist you greatly in expanding your energies and connecting with All That Is in any moment. We ask you dear one now to complete this exercise with love in your heart for All That Is under the Universal Laws.

We thank you. Blessed Be.