Step Out Of Illusion - Serapis Bey

Love is unto itself, our beloveds. Love does not need anything to feed it or nurture it. It is not demanding nor is it wanting. Love is just what it is -   pure and aligned with the essence of All That Is.

Love does not work in conjunction with other emotions, for love is not an emotion, it is a sense of being. Love is all that there is. There is nothing else but love. All the rest is the illusion you have created to amuse yourselves during your journey on the Earth and you have become so caught up in the illusion that you have forgotten why you are on the Earth.

You are on the earth, beloved one, simply to experience love in the physical plane. It is an experiment, if you will, to discover energy in the physical and what it creates of itself and unto itself.

In the fullness of time you have been very busy creating all that is on the Earth. All that is on this Earth comes from love for that is what has created it, yet this love has been distorted by your illusions of what is.

It is to understand that all returns to love eventually, returning to its core energy. All returns to the Source pool of all that is.

It is for you to understand and accept that unlike your illusions, love is not an emotion, as you know it. The Source energy is just what it is - the Source energy. It is all that it is. It has no need of emotion or belongings. It needs not at all because it already is all that it is.

As you are also from the Source pool of energy then you already are all that you are and need nothing except to exist. For you are all that you are already. Accept this dear one and let go of your needs and wants, your desires and demands. Accept with grace all that you are and you will create heaven here on Earth for yourselves, if that is what you wish.

Accept the wonder of all that is around you and understand that you sit here in the middle of the Source pool filled with all you will ever need. Understand dear ones that all the difficulties and pain that you experience in this dimension, you create for yourselves through your needs and wants. All that you create in distortion then causes more pain and so it builds again and again. The circle continues and goes around and around. For there is no end to it - it just is.

We say to you, dear ones, choose to let go of all your demands and understand that you already have all you need in this life to fulfil what it is you need to do on the Earth. Understand that everything that occurs in the physical plane of existence you have created for yourself. If you do not like what you have created, we say to you to uncreate it. Change it. It really is that simple.

Stop and think. If you allowed yourself to step outside the circle you have created for yourself then where would you be? In another space? Yes indeed. So we ask you, dear ones, to choose to let go of all that you hold onto right now and step outside this circle you have created and create another space for yourself.

Choose to let go of all your demands and needs and then you will not be disappointed when they are not met. These demands and needs are not met, dear ones, simply because you do not create them for yourself. Either you do not remember how or you do not feel you deserve to receive them based on the illusion that you have created for yourself.

If you are poor then you have created an illusion whereby you will experience poverty. The circle you have created for yourself revolves around this belief system that you have created and yet you yearn and desire to be rich like other people. You do not create this richness of money because the circle you have created says you are poor and do not deserve to be rich.

You do not need riches, dear one, and although you desire them you feel you do not deserve them. While this is your focus, beloved heart, then you will never see how abundant you already are.

We ask you, beloved one, to open your eyes and have a look around you in your life. Ask for the veils over your eyes to be lifted. Let go of all your wants and needs and look at your life as it is right now. Choose to change the way you perceive your life now. We ask you beloved heart to choose to accept All that Is, right now.

Choose not to simply accept the statement that I am poor as opposed to I am rich. Choose not to compare yourself to others. There is no need to demand and need riches in your life. Choose not to create a circle of expectations and desires that you feel you do not deserve in the first place, dear one, because if you choose this for yourself then you will always be disappointed, sad, angry or fearful.

We say to you, choose to live your life as if everything in it is perfect right now, for in truth it is perfect right now in the moment. All you will ever need is with you right now. Choose not to cower in the corner and say ‘No it is not, my life is terrible’. Once again, we say to you, beloved heart, look around you and choose to create your life with beauty.

Your life is the empty canvas and you, dear ones, are the painters, you are the co-creators of all that is. Choose to create now with beauty. Create with love. Create with acceptance of All that Is. Create with grace.

We say to you, do not create with illusion. Try hard to step out of this illusion, dear ones. We hear you crying, ‘But I can't step out of this illusion because it is all that I know and I am fearful’.

At these times, we say to you choose to call to one of us, the Masters of infinite Light and Love. Call to me Serapis Bey, call to Lord Michael, call to the angels, call to you spirit guides. Call for assistance and we will come and lift you up so you can see above the illusion and know that it is only illusion. We will support you to release your fears and wants and needs to God, to the energy of Source.

We will assist you to release all you do not need so that you may stand in your glory. We will support you to stand in your All that Is and all will be as it is.

We will assist you to see and accept that life can be moulded in any which way you desire to create it. Choose not to allow yourself to become stuck in the groove of the illusion you have created. Be brave and fearless, dear hearts.

Choose to stand in the full power of your I AM Presence and live in this dimension with love and grace running through your very core and you will be All that Is right now. It is time to do this now, dear ones. It is time to choose to make the shift from the sticky webs of illusion that you have created all around you.

Know well that we will be with you at all times. Simply call for us and we will be there our beloveds.