Release the Density - Lord Kuthumi

We welcome you, dear one. We have been watching you for some time now and have been with you from the very beginning of All that Is. It does not seem all that long ago. Life as you know it on this beautiful planet you call the Earth is a passage. It is an existence in time and space, a dimensional experience. There are many dimensions but we will not talk of them this day for that is a long discourse and for another discussion altogether.

When you enter your physical vehicle or body here on the Earth, you come into such dense vibrations that much of your understanding of who you are is blocked and it is difficult to pull this through the matrix of energy that sits in this dimension around this planet. This density has been created by all the beings who have lived here in this form.

Once this planet was much lighter, and while still sitting in the third dimension there was not the same denseness as you experience at this time. Then it was possible to exist on the Earth in your energy bodies and not a body made of matter and substance. When your spirit came through the matrix that surrounds this planet you pick up, like a cloak, the energies that have accumulated through the eons around this planet. You walk here as if in thick cement around your energy bodies and it is easy to forget who your are and what you are. It is easy to live in the denseness completely and to pick up more and more debris around you, for like attracts like.

From the moment you enter the realms of the Earth you already have debris around you from the mass consciousness of the collective because this ‘debris’ sits around this planet like a heavy web of energy. It is perhaps for you like dipping yourself into molasses. When this occurs everything sticks to it and you simply become heavier and heavier.

To reconnect to all that you are while you are on Earth requires one to lift off the molasses and the accumulated ‘debris’. You are required to choose consciously for more to attach to you. This in itself requires discipline every day, dear heart. It requires you to work through your physical self and choosing to keep it as light as possible - free from all preservatives in the real sense and also in the sense of the energies around you and as natural as possible.

It also requires that you work with your I Am energies as much as possible in order to create a clear field around you and this at time requires you to avoid walking through the heavy energies of places and people. When you walk through these places such as shopping malls, and big crowds where the molasses is extremely thick we suggest to you to wear a cloak of light energy around you that prevents 'like'  energy flowing to you under the Law of Attraction.

It does not need to be a protective shield for there is nothing to fear in that sense but a cloak or shield that will not attract the debris and thick energies to attach themselves to you. This will be the same for people you choose to mix with here on this Earth. Hold your love open for all people, dear heart, but choose not to be in the thick of the density all of the time.

When you wear your cloak of light the denser energies are not so much attracted to your energy. Yet it is for you to understand that the clearer and more filled with light that you create your own energies to be, then the less the molasses will be attracted to you. Like always attracts like, dear heart. In fact, the lighter you become in your own energies the more you will repel the density and no longer attract it to you.

It is not a question of separation between the dark and the light for we do not wish to create yet more separation on this planet in your heart. It is simply when energy of matter becomes dense and thick and when this arises it creates consciousness that becomes confused and caught up in the density of matter that has been created here in this dimension by the collective. This density of matter becomes filled with all the emotions you have not yet resolved and given up to Source. This density is filled with all the experiences in matter that you and the collective have not yet released and resolved in your beings over the eons and eons. Indeed, dear heart, this is what makes this energy of matter so dense. And indeed this is why so many lightworkers are being called again and again to work around the Earth on all the portals, sacred sites and the Earth's grid – to bring more light to this density.

As the Earth evolves and ascends she will indeed shed this mantle of molasses and debris, but she will need your assistance and support to do so. Every being on Earth has come to help and assist with this at this time now and more are being sent to bring their light to this. Every being on the Earth is asked to work with the energies of density and to shift them into the light again. Of course, dear heart, the first place to begin is with yourself. We say to you, instead of choosing to hold the debris of density around you and within you we are asking all beings of the light now to release this debris and give it up to Source. We are speaking of the debris of the ages of all your experiences here on the planet Earth and all the experiences of all who have ever visited on this Earth. We say to you now that all needs to be lifted and resolved to the pure light of Source. The energy of density no longer needs to be held by you and it has never needed to be held by you, dear heart. It is like you have been stockpiling your rubbish in your energy systems and in truth you have.

As you see the world in its external physical form so too is it this way in its energetic form. So many stockpiles of rubbish all over your planet, and this rubbish you have created in matter does not assimilate with the energy of the Earth. People on your planet are starved for food and also starved for love and light. People are in pain and suffering and so many are choosing to hold onto this pain and suffering, for they fear the change that letting go and surrendering may bring to them and therefore prefer to hold onto their pain and suffering.

It is important for all people around the Earth to release this energy and surrender it to Source. Yes indeed, there are many who do not wish to release this energy because to do so may mean that they may lose what they so covet the third dimensional creation of physical matter. Yet as the planet Earth ascends this will mean nothing and have no value to them in the time to come.

We ask you now to choose to release and resolve to the light all that you are holding onto of density, in thought, in deed, in belief, and all you are refusing to release and resolve to the light of Source. Go into your heart of hearts, dear one, and ask what it is you need to surrender to the light of Source this day so it may be resolved to the light again.

Sit and ask what it is for you and then wait to receive your answer. We say to you to choose not to be impatient with this. For as you have beings on this Earth who do not wish you to see or understand the light of your heart, so too do you have aspects of self within you that also do not wish you to understand or see the light within you and these aspects of self will often block your transmissions from your Higher Self. So we ask you to be patient with yourself, breathe deeply and go deeper into your heart and connect with the light of your spirit. When these aspects of self arise, dear heart, speak gently and lovingly with these ones and send them your infinite light.

The saying ‘as above so below’ and ‘as within so without’ are very true and meaningful for you on this planet, if you look dear heart with an open heart willing to receive divine truth. What is happening on your outside world is always a reflection of what is happening on your inner world for all peoples.

Now breathe deeply and sit quietly and choose, dear heart, to go inside to your inner heart temple and ask what it is you need to surrender this day. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to receive from your spirit of pure light.

Good .. you have received your answer now. It does not have to be more than one word, dear heart. Now we ask you to release and resolve this energy to the light of Source. We ask you in your mind’s eye to simply imagine a portal or hole opening in the floor of your heart temple. This portal is filled with purple light, dear one. We ask you now to throw whatever it is you are being asked to release and resolve this day into this portal of purple light and say aloud ‘I give this to the Source light now’.

Then to say: ‘I surrender all my ……..  (name what it is) to the light of Source with love in my heart. I ask it now to be filled with light and love. I ask to my consciousness to be filled with compassion for all that I have suffered. I ask now to be filled with the Light of Source through my being now.’

Then choose to let it go. Surrender it, dear heart.

If you feel you are still tied to this energy then we ask you to call to Lord Michael, the one who loves you and protects you, and ask him to cut the cords that still bind you to this energy now. See it fall away from you and return to the one heart of All that Is. This energy will transform back to love and light again if you let it go.

Now breathe deeply, dear heart, and choose to fill yourself with the light of Source. Pull the light of Source down through your crown chakra and into your heart chakra. Breathe deeply and allow the light of Source to expand in your heart chakra. Breathe deeply again, dear one, and send the light of Source out through your heart chakra and into your energy field all around you 6 feet, 18 feet, as far out as you can go. Expand, expand, expand.  When you are ready simply give thanks that this is done.

In this way you begin to clear and resolve the density of this planet and return it to its pure light.

We love you, dear one. Blessed be.