Surrender to the Shift ~ Lord Kuthumi

Our beloved one, we all travel as we choose and we understand many of you on the Earth have much heartache at this time for those who are resisting the process of evolution. We ask you, dear hearts, to understand that they are not resisting the process they are simply travelling at their own pace, at the timing that is right for them.

Sometimes we need to stand still and not move for a long time (in your Earth years), which is in reality not long at all. In the standing still, dear hearts, much can occur, although in Earth dimensional timing it appears that nothing is occurring.

Healing is a personal matter for each soul and each soul may need the time to sit and wallow in whatever has been the cause of their pain and trauma for which they are currently in reaction to.

We understand for many of you moving forward that it may be very difficult to leave your loved ones behind, but we say to you that you are not leaving them behind.

We ask you to understand that every energy shift you create has an effect on the whole. Each little ripple you create has an effect on the whole. Each opening affects the whole, little by little.

For instance, we ask you to look at the world right now within which you live. Many of you who have opened your hearts see this world with the eyes of wonder and yet when you see war and killing and hate and pain you will sometimes question what humanity is creating in the collective whole and will have doubt and judge yourself and others. And dear hearts, indeed doubt and question your faith in God and spirit. But we say to you, dear hearts, that little by little the Earth is indeed moving and transforming, even when you are unable to see it for yourself.

Perhaps at times the shifts are subtle and it appears as if nothing is occurring, and often times there may seem to be a complete slumber when everything is in chaos and the Earth herself appears to be sleeping as well as spiritual goodness, but this is as it should be.

Dear hearts, the time will come when all on the Earth will shift into the fifth dimension of consciousness. Yet we ask you to be patient in your hearts and minds and to accept that some will arrive there earlier than others to make the way for their arrival. Everyone will reach this energy level in their own timing. As you clear and cleanse your consciousness and lift it to a higher level of vibration and your life becomes topsy-turvy for a time, so too does this occur within the Earth as she herself cleanses and clears in readiness for the shift to come.

So too does this occur for those close to you in their own way. They too are experiencing the changes within you as much as you are experiencing the changes within them, even if you are perceiving a lack of change, if you are moving at an accelerated rate at this time. Be kind and gentle with all souls, dear heart. Assist and support them to lift up and hold their energies high. Send them love and compassion from your heart in love.

Yet, dear hearts, we ask you not to berate them or judge them and charge them with not doing what you are doing. Choose not to become angry with them. For this will only create separation energy in yourself, dear heart, and more separation consciousness on the Earth. This is not needed at this time, we say.

All souls are doing whatever it is they are needing to do in accordance to the Divine Plan. Let go of your judgement of these ones, as we ask you to let go of your judgement of all beings and even the Earth herself for not moving at the rate you expect her to move or the world to change at the rate you expect it to move. We say to you, dear hearts, evolution and ascension is not just about change; it is about integration and mergence with the One. Transformation is occurring indeed, dear hearts, but within this shift is life ~ the transformation of the chrysalis in the cocoon before it emerges as the butterfly. Much needs to occur in the cocoon before the butterfly may emerge into the light.

We say to you, dear hearts, that transformation is different to change itself. Sometimes the chrysalis needs to sleep longer before it awakes and emerges. How long? Who can say? But we ask you to be patient and allow the sleeper to sleep as long as they need to do so. In the meantime, dear hearts, you may assist them to ally their fears of waking and stepping into the light. Understand, dear hearts, it is a big shift in one’s being to wake up and step into the light. At this time more and more souls are doing this, yet each one may only do this in their own timing.

When the soul awakens to their light all looks different around you and what was once is now no more. The butterfly emerges and spreads it wings into the light before it flies. It sits and perceives the world differently than it did from its cocoon. The butterfly will look different to itself, and it will see all differently and move differently, and yet while it has transformed its body its spirit is still the same.

The chrysalis has simply transformed its energy and its consciousness, and this allows it so much greater freedom. Like the butterfly moving from one flower to another, as you transform and open to the light of you, then you now move from one dimension to another more freely. You feel more connected to the All of you and not the less of you.

So we say unto you, dear hearts, to love and honour all those around you, all souls on the Earth on their journey of awakening. We ask you to choose to release your expectations of how they should or should not be right now.  Release those chains and bonds you have placed around yourself and other beings to perform or act as you would wish them to act. Be kind to them and send them love. Choose to release the need to control their transformation in accordance to your expectations. Choose to let go the need to tell them how they should be or be disappointed with them when they cannot meet your expectations.

Choose to release your judgements of them for what they are not. Simply love them for what they are. Remember, dear hearts, you too were once like them and you too are still awakening and growing minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.

Let go of your expectations, let go of your fears for them and for yourself. Accept what is right now and understand that much of your anger at your loved ones and other souls, is less about them and more about yourself and your own fears. Your fears, dear hearts, are about letting go of this third dimension that you believe you know so well and moving fully into the fifth.

We say to you, beloved heart, when you are ready you will lift your consciousness from separation into acceptance and embrace and come into a new vibration of you. Choose to rise slowly into the light of a new dimension and accept that your loved ones and other souls on the Earth will follow when they are ready. We say to you, dear hearts, this does not mean you may physically become separate to them, for it is not about creating separation on any level.

Yet there is a lesson for you here, dear heart. All the fear and pain and sadness you may be holding right now is for yourself. Yes we understand that you wish for your loved ones and other souls to shift their consciousness at this time, but we ask you to understand and accept that they are doing so in their own way and in their own timing. Allow this to occur and choose to focus on your own transformation now and let go any need to control another’s. We ask you to release all expectations of those around you and release your attachment to the third dimension as soon as you are ready and step into the light.

Choose to come out of separation and duality, all that creates separation in your heart and mind with any energy.

When you can release this consciousness then you will be free to fly and move forward in readiness for the next shift to come. Simply allow what is occurring at this time on the Earth and for those around you. Love all beings with compassion and acceptance. Honour all. Release all your expectations and judgements, so you no longer create separation consciousness on the Earth.

There is a calling for those that are ready to choose to move forward and relinquish the bonds of duality and attachments you have to the third dimensional consciousness. We ask you, those who are ready to now cut these ties and to let them go.

When you are free of these attachments then you may move forward and live your life in the fifth dimensional consciousness.

We hear you asking how you can do this. We say beloved hearts - let go. Cut the bonds of attachment and let go. Allow all others to move at their own pace and in their own divine timing. Accept your divine timing and surrender to your light. Release your judgements and expectations of those around you. Let go your fear for them and accept they will be held and supported in some way. Allow that everything you do and every shift of consciousness that you choose to make will affect all beings on the Earth. Let go your attachment to what this must be or how this must look.

Love all that is without placing any conditions upon what it is in the now, in each moment and let the sadness go from your heart. When you are asked for assistance by other souls, choose to assist them with a loving and open heart, yet choose not to place any conditions upon them and request nothing in return.

Choose to love all beings on their path, dear hearts, no matter where they are sitting at this time. Choose to love yourself and move forward now in your own divine timing. Place your focus on this and no other. This is as it should be and is as it is. Say out loud I Am All that I Am. All is in Divine timing for me now. I am free. So be it.   We love you our beloved.