What Is The Mission Of Our Soul? ~ Lady Nada

During a session with one of my students recently, the student asked the Masters what she needed to do to follow her soul mission on the Earth. The answer she received was the same answer that the Masters have been telling students for years.

The Wisdom of Lady Nada:

The question, dear hearts, is not what you are meant to do to activate your mission on the Earth, but what you are meant to BE. For we say unto you, the soul is not on the Earth to focus on the doing, this is the embrace of the ego mind, the soul is here to shift and grow consciousness.

To do this the soul seeks to manifest an en-livening and an en-lightening of its consciousness, to lift it to a new level of being. This is always the mission of the soul and it is the same when the soul journeys on the Earth or in other realms and dimensions.

The focus of what it is to do is always a focus of the ego mind, for this is what the ego mind understands, dear ones. Yet the soul is guided always to lift its consciousness of light to a new level of vibration, to meet the heart of its spirit of light so that it may evolve and prepare for its ascension into the One Heart of all that is. The soul searches to create unity consciousness within the energy fields of its being so it may co-create with its spirit in harmony and en-lightenment.

The soul understands, dear ones, that it is not action and intellect that creates it to be enlightened or more conscious within its fields of light. For action and intellect are subject only to the dimension of light in which they sit and cannot cross the multi-dimensional fields of light to encompass all consciousness of the being.

The soul seeks, dear hearts, to enlighten itself and lift its vibration of consciousness so that it may meet a level of vibration of its true spirit – the pure light of its being that sits in the core heart of its Source. The soul is preparing its path to return home to its core, dear ones, and it understands that this may only be done through enlivening and expanding its conscious being, its energetic fields.

Intellectual thought and action cannot create this, dear hearts, for it will only affect the dimension in which the expression of the soul sits but cannot affect the multi-dimensional fields of light of the being itself.

Dear hearts we say to you, the soul seeks expansion of its consciousness and this is its mission, wherever it is expressing itself in this multi-dimensional universe. Whatever action that may or may not arise from this will always be guided completely by this consciousness of expansion and enlightenment. It is not destined to be guided by the needs, desires or expectations of the ego mind in its intellect.

For you on the Earth, dear hearts, the answer to this question is that the mission of the soul is to lift its consciousness and expand it into a new level of understanding. Each soul will understand what its spirit has guided it to experience on the Earth so it may open its consciousness to a new level of being in some way.

For example, dear ones, the soul mission may be to acknowledge and accept its divinity, its divine light. So it has come to the Earth to have experiences where it will be asked to open to this. In each experience the soul will be asked to open to meet its divinity on many levels of its being. In each experience on the Earth the soul will be shown where it is not meeting this consciousness and where it is meeting this consciousness within itself.

The soul will be asked to step into these experiences that are being offered to the soul and in each one to open its consciousness to the divine light that it holds in its many levels of being. Through the many experiences the soul has around this learning on the Earth, the soul will grow and expands its consciousness in new ways becoming and being the divine light that it is. This is its mission, dear hearts.

What action in the third dimension the soul needs to take, dear hearts, will be determined by the new consciousness that is enlivening in the soul consciousness. As the soul expands its consciousness of being and accepts its divine light then it will be guided by this new consciousness as to what it may or may not need to do, to manifest this divine light on the planet.

Yet when the soul is disconnected to its spirit, it allows itself to be guided and directed by the ego mind and it will believe it needs to act in some way to manifest and create this divinity through its intellect. So instead of expanding its consciousness, the soul will be driven to create something outside of itself on the Earth that will represent this mission instead of living and being this mission.

When this occurs the soul becomes trapped in the many stories around this ‘mission’ that the ego mind creates and so enacts these stories again and again.

When this occurs for the soul, does the consciousness evolve and expand into its mission of being? No, dear ones, it cannot for the ego mind is trapped in the story of doing and manifesting and this will be its focus. The soul will not be able to evolve its consciousness to a new level of expansion and becoming all that it is, because it is redirected and focused on the story the ego mind has created of what it ‘should’ do (the action it needs to take) to manifest its mission.

So dear hearts, we say to you, let go the control your ego mind holds over the mission of your soul and allow your spirit to guide the mission of your soul on the Earth. Choose to reconnect with your spirit and open your heart to your spirit of light. When your spirit guides the mission of your soul on the Earth then the soul truly begins to manifest its becoming and begins to BE more of what it is in truth. The soul begins to live its mission through the core of its being on the Earth.

This being of light is then manifested into the physical realms and this greater consciousness of energy then begins to affect all it touches and all is enlightened, all is filled with the light and purity of the spirit.

This beloved hearts is the true mission of your soul. We bless and honour you on your path dear one.