The Mind of Faith ~ Saint Germain

Welcome our beloved ones.  We wish to speak with you of the mind this day, our beloveds. The mind is an interesting creation and on its own it creates many things for you. It pours forth thought form after thought form, some of these are inspirational and abundant in their love and light while many are simply mind chatter about nothing that do not tarry long in the ether.

But some are limiting and create emotions, which remain in the bodies for a long time, even eons, which you are then forced to carry around with you time and again.

These thought forms create your limitations for you and are created through the many filters or veils that are in your mind. The mind is very good at questioning all that it cannot see. Even though it may intellectually know and understand that which it cannot see because it has absorbed the words of many books written by many learned people, if it cannot see it or touch it then it will hold a reserve about this and will question it regularly.

The mind’s experiences are based on third dimensional reality and it is very difficult for the mind to move past this reality to understand there is more to heaven and earth than the third dimension. At these times your beliefs will be questioned by the mind.

It may say this is all pointless, this cannot be true, I feel nothing and I see nothing, for I cannot touch it or smell it or see it with my third dimensional eyes. Yes, our beloved ones, this will occur for you in many times but we say to you to be patient with the mind for this is all it knows.

Your mind is like a computer and is programmed to question what is not of the third dimension. If you seek change and a new awareness, simply choose to reprogram your mind. When the mind begins to create doubt and self-delusional thought be disciplined with it and ask it to surrender these to God.

Although it cannot see God, your beautiful mind has a concept of what God is and it is able to surrender these thoughts to God if it is told to. Tell your mind what you want it to do, instead of allowing your mind to control you.

Place your mind on a program of controlled thought patterns. Ask it to only create positive thoughts in every moment. Ask it to connect deeply with your heart centre and to create thoughts from the love well that sits in your heart, for this is where your greater wisdom sits.

Have a conversation with your mind and let it know that the negative thoughts and negative self speak it creates, does not serve you or your mind. It only causes you to doubt, to have fears, to limit yourself and move into negative energy where you are unable to move forward in your life.

Give your mind instructions about what you want it to do every day. Try little exercises whereby it only thinks about the positive in every moment. When a negative thought arises ask your mind to surrender this to God, to let it go and not to hold it or worry it.

When it questions your faith and spiritual understanding ask it again to release this and to give it to God. Create a program for your mind to do this.

You will need to exert your free will in order for this to work for you, dear ones. You will need to take responsibility for this. Yes, of course, you may call upon us to assist you with this, but in truth it is an exercise of creation for the mind.

Remember that your mind is a good creator. It can create all sorts of stories and thoughts in any given moment, so ask it now to create this for you and to use self-discipline to do this so it doesn't randomly flow in free thought form patterns of duality that create more illusions and more limitations for you.

Simply create a little affirmation for your mind to say every time a negative or limiting thought arises in your mind and then let it go to God.

It may be something like this: "I surrender all negative thought forms that limit me to God in this moment. I am free. I am strong. I am love. I am light. I am all that I am."

Give this a try our beloveds and make it your pattern to release all negative thought from your mind and you may be surprised at how unlimited you become.

Faith is a wondrous thing but it is difficult for the mind to grasp just how wonderful it can be. As soon as it is questioned the mind goes into downward spiral and questions it even more. It creates many illusions about faith in God and how easy it would be if it didn't need to have Faith.

The mind creates many questions and answers regarding what it can and cannot see. It will convince itself in a nanosecond if it so desires that Faith is not to be trusted because it is not real.

So we ask you to consider this program for the mind in every waking moment to take responsibility for your Faith in God in every waking moment.

When you do this miracles will occur. We thank you.