We Are The Light Workers ~ In'Easa mabu Ishtar

Dear ones, you know you are a light worker if you are truly in service to your divine light . You are a light worker if you have chosen to follow the light of your divine self and allow it to guide you where it needs you to go.

We come to Earth whenever there is a new download of consciousness to be integrated on Earth so we can support humanity to ground and anchor a new initiation of evolution through our enlightenment.

Each light worker has chosen to serve the light on Earth through many incarnations in many guises and through many stories and experiences.

We are here to serve the divine will of the Source, which is shared with us through our open-hearted connection to our spirit. To open to this service, each one of us is asked to open to our angelic self and allow this portal of our light body to open and connect to the ego mind of our human selves in each lifetime in which we incarnate back to Earth.

The angelic self holds the innocent heart and opens you to the gift that you hold in loving service to the divine in all things.

Through our service to the divine light of our being we become en-lightened as we allow the light of the divine to flow through us. At times, yes, this may be a challenging journey for us because we are asked to learn and master each new initiation for humanity before the collective itself is asked to do so.

We have volunteered for this role to initiate and anchor this consciousness in service to the light so that all souls on Earth may be supported to do this through the mastery we ground in each new initiation we are asked to master.

As we open to each new initiation of enlightenment for the collective we anchor and ground it through our own being into the group heart of the human collective and share the divine potential that awaits all hearts when they choose to do this for themselves.

It may take more than one lifetime to do just one initiation of the light and we are asked to let go impatience and expectation, which is attached to outcomes.

It is for us to understand and express this initiation of the creation energy on Earth through our being in the human form so it may be assisted to anchor through the group heart of the collective at a level that may be assimilated and integrated for all.

As light workers we are a small group amongst the larger collective and often we become stuck in the stories of struggle and challenge that we often create for ourselves on this journey. At times this makes us feel we are the victims and that we are rejected or misunderstood by the collective and this wears heavy on our hearts.

Yet dear ones, we are asked to remember that we chose to be the light bearers in the physical form for this collective called humanity and this is the path we are walking in loving service to the whole.

It is not a burden we are carrying but a divine gift that we hold and offer to the greater whole.

We chose to be in service to the divine light so that we may grow and learn in our mastery on Earth. There is no reward for what we do dear hearts, it is not a competition and there is no prize to be collected for all that we offer.

All that we do as light workers on Earth is done with an open heart in loving service to the divine Source of All That Is. The more our hearts are open to receive the more we are able to anchor and integrate what we are receiving.

For in truth, whatever the heart of the Source sends to humanity on Earth to master and learn, it is we, the light workers, that receive it first through our loving service to the light. It is we that are asked to assimilate, integrate and ground it in the heart of humanity so the collective may grow and evolve through our loving service.

Deep in our spirits we know that all that we experience brings us great mastery if we choose to allow it. We also know that through our mastery of the many new waves of light and initiations that are pouring onto this planet for humanity we are the first wave of beings that experience this before any others and we are asked to integrate it and ground it.

Right now the new initiation for humanity is to master co-creation with the divine and each other, and we are the first wave of the collective that will be asked to integrate and anchor this. It is a large commission and may take many lifetimes for us to ground and integrate.

We are asked not to be impatient with this work and to let go pain and suffering on behalf of others, this is not what we are here to do. We are here to learn mastery over each initiation we are given to anchor and integrate.

We are asked not to go into powerlessness and victimhood, for these are energies created in fear by the collective heart when it is in resistance.

All light workers, dear ones, are asked to stand in their mastery and to remember who and what they are. They are asked to remember their service to their divine light and to walk this on Earth in its true majesty.

We bless and honour the light worker that you are.