The Eternal Experience ~ In'Easa mabu Ishtar

There is no end just one eternal experience, one energetic being, one great being. The earthly experience is just part of ‘life’ ongoing. So there are no ‘real’ past lives as all lives are part of the one and every ‘past life’ is just another experience on the journey.

Consider all life as just one big gift to the Source, experiencing in the physical matter here on beautiful Earth the mastery of the Source consciousness. We are all, you and me, part of the Source’s experience, part of one collective consciousness.

Everything we do and feel and all that occurs are experiences we are having in matter so we may gift this knowledge and wisdom to the Source. All goes back to the one consciousness when we decide to release it and return it to the Source.

Yet sometimes we cannot let go and we become very attached to our experiences. They become our reality and our truth. Sometimes we wish to sit and worry over our experiences and feelings. Sometimes we want to hold them for a period of time, or we become trapped in our experiences and therefore become trapped and held in our physical body.

When we do this we hold them even longer and they become our pain, our struggles and our fears. Instead of releasing them to the Source we allow them to control who and what we ‘think’ we are. These then become the sum of all of our experiences; they become the benchmark from which we judge everything else that occurs on our journey with the Source.

Our perception of everything may then become tainted by the one experience that we will not release to the Source, believing it is ours alone to hold. Then each time we reincarnate on Earth into the physical body again it is still with us and so all our perceptions are clouded by this experience, or many experiences and we are unable to release this energy to the Source.

Whatever experience we have, no matter how we judge it as good or bad, can become a powerful energy in its own right if we keep feeding it to the point it becomes a living conscious energy sitting within our own energy fields. When we do this it becomes our only reference point on our journey. We cling to the memory of the experience, the emotions and feelings attached to that experience, and all the reactions and responses we created around that experience become triggered again at anytime causing us to relive this experience over and over.

Yet there is always a part of us that asks us to let it go, to give it over, to release all to the Source so we may be free to move forward on our journey.

This is the silent mentor within us and it always holds a gift of wisdom for us. It asks us to learn this on our journey. It is the part of us that creates the unfathomable in our life. When you may say, "Where did that come from?". It is the silent part of you that is always there sitting within you waiting to guide and show you the way.

When you become triggered by your old experiences and begin to relive them again this part of you will often speak to you in the silence of your mind. When another person mirrors back to you an unresolved part of yourself this silent mentor will ask you to look deeply into this mirror so you can learn what it wants to show you. In those times when the anger bubbles forcefully to the surface uncontrollably or the fear grips you and you can't let it go, this silent part of you will ask you to breathe and to accept you are once more living an old experience yet it is not your truth, only your reaction.

When you feel pulsed to move forward in your life but your feet are stuck in cement and you don't know why, ask this silent mentor within you to show you the way. Open your heart and mind and listen in the silence to the wisdom that is there for you.

When a person just gets under your skin for no real reason you can fathom know that this is an old memory stirring within you that your silent mentor is asking you to look at and acknowledge. Choose to be wise and listen.

Listen to your silent mentor and allow yourself to let go this old energy rising inside of you because you no longer need to hold onto it. It is coming up for you so you can let it go. Choose to give this old experience over to the Source.

These old energies may indeed be from this life experience you are having now, invariably from childhood, or more often than not from a previous life experience or what is commonly called a past life.

Everything we have ever experienced on our journey across this Universe is held in our energy bodies so we are always travelling with it until we choose to release it to the Source.

When these memories are triggered by the energy around us (people, place or things) then we begin to relive these memories and believe they are our truth in the now moment. We do not understand they are the past and we need to give over these experiences to the Source so we can move forward into the new.

Our silent mentor continues to ask us to accept and understand that we are one energetic light being having multiple experiences across many dimensions on behalf of the collective consciousness of the Source.

Let go, surrender, share all that you hold and be united once again with the Source of all that you are.