Wake Up and Live Your Divine Plan ~ Serapis Bey

My beloved ones, I come to you the Serapis Bey, the master that guides you through the teachings of the Mystery Schools of Earth and Shamballah. I am the teacher of the wisdoms and your guide through the mysteries as you evolve and grow.

This day we will speak to you of love, for there is nothing else to speak to you about but love. This is the divine key to all things in the universe. It is the original cell of All That Is.

Love is the original thought, the original energy, the original creative power of the universe and so it is and ever shall be. There is naught else to consider. All else is but illusion.

When you stand in love and hold love within and without you are whole, you are one with all things and you are returned to the one heart of All That Is.

We understand that this may sound to you such a simple philosophy but we say to you this is not a philosophy, a belief or an idea, it is simply the universal truth of All That Is.

Love is not something to be bandied around and considered as an intellectual thought because it cannot be seen in this way. The intellect cannot consider love nor can it conceive of it. If the intellect wished to create a philosophy or understanding of All That Is then it would be so much more complicated and convoluted than what we have just described.

The intellect would wish for more, it would want a different story, many stories based on your hu-man understandings and experiences, your human concepts and emotions. The intellect would not be content with the simple understanding of love as universal truth.

But we say to you, our beloved ones, that love is all that is required. Love is all that is needed to understand the universe and who you are. The simple but powerful understanding that ALL is from love, and ALL will return to love in divine timing.

We say to you, divine timing for your understanding that we are not talking about Earth timing, your calendars or your clocks. Divine timing is a very different concept. Divine timing is the flow of all things in the universe and consists of many things. Divine will and divine understanding are two that come into play with divine timing. For without divine will and divine understanding there is no divine timing.

Divine timing is simply when all flows in divine plan. What is divine plan you ask, it is the plan of all creation in unison and in constant balance, all as it is in the now moment.

Your divine plan is what you yourself have created as a being of light and love. It is your own will and desires, it is the agreements you have created in light and love with your own being and sometimes with divine councils of light for your experience in this moment of the now.

This our beloveds is not set in concrete, for in every moment the divine plan is flowing in constant change of the moment. Nothing is set and unchangeable, we say, for the universe is constantly moving and changing - it is not static or set in its ways.

Only hu-mans become set in their ways, remaining stubborn to the last, no matter the consequences of their actions.

Divine energy flows wherever there is love and light, and it changes and moves to match the will of the divine plan, which is also changing to flow with all that is as it evolves and expands in each and very moment.

Flow with the slipstream of the divine plan and you will always feel in harmony with all that is. It is when you dig your heels in and decide not to be moved or change that imbalance occurs. When you flow with all that is and with all movement in the universe and all expansion then you will always be in harmony with all that is in peace and in love.

We understand it may be difficult for you to understand this concept but it is in truth and you will feel this truth resonate within your heart if you but sit and watch. This truth may not resonate within your mind for your mind does not understand this concept. It is a new program for your mind to process and understand and the mind needs time and experience to see this, but your heart (conscious awareness) does not because it holds this truth within it and will see it and recognise it for what it is, the divine truth of the universe.

All around you in every moment is changing and evolving, dear ones. Simply sit still for several minutes and watch the natural surroundings in which you live. See nature as it is constantly shifting and changing, it is never still or stagnant, it does not dig in its heels and say I will not move into winter this day, I refuse to make this change. A tree does not dig in its heels and say I refuse to drop my leaves this autumn, nor does a river refuse to rise when the rains fall or a volcano refuse to erupt when the energy rises within it.

So too it is with you as hu-mans, but you often times refuse to recognise the energy shifts within you and you suppress them and hold them down or do not make the shifts as they arise.

When this occurs all in your external life will begin to shift in chaos and movement that will become the image of the internal shifts and changes occurring within you that you are choosing not to recognise.

The external of your life is always the mirror of your internal life, and so it is always. Things begin to occur in your external life that will always mirror the energy flow within you.

At this time we say to you to stop and look, see the flow and the energy and allow yourself to simply flow with it instead of refusing to accept and surrender to this change, this flowing river, as the tide shifts and moves yet again in your life, both in the internal and the external.

For we say to you, dear ones, if you dig your heels in and refuse this shift, which is an eternal pattern, it will be ever the more difficult for you and ever harder for you and ever more chaotic for you. There is no need for chaos when you flow with the divine flow of energy, divine timing and divine plan, for when you are in the flow of all that is then all you will feel is the divine energy of love for all beings including yourself and all experiences.

Fear will cease to exist for you, doubt will leave you, and when these depart all other minor emotions such as anger and sadness will also leave you. Then love, trust and flow will enter your life and all will be in balance and in harmony again if you allow it.

So the answer, our dear ones, for the flow in your life of divine timing is with you. It does not lie without you in the hands of any other being, it does not lie in the hands of the angels, it does not lie in the hands of God or Goddess, it does not lie in the hands of your partner or lover, or in the hands of your teachers, it lies in your hands.

When you understand divine truth this fully - that your divine plan in divine timing is in your hands - then you will have taken responsibility for all that you are and all that occurs within your life in this physical dimension, for it is your own plan that you are living in this plane, in this time, in this now.

It is no one else's plan, it is your divine plan, co-created by you in every given moment that you have in the now. Each and every moment that you have been given in the now is for you to live this divine plan in divine timing of the now, which you yourself have co-created even before you incarnated into this physical experience in the now.

It is your divine plan, dear ones, and so it is yours to do with as you wish. Even the guidance you receive you have co-created in your plan. You have set this in motion with the beings you wished to work with but that does not mean you cannot work with others. All you have to do is ask.

In every moment all you ever need to do is ask for what you want and need in this experience and if it is in divine plan for you as you have co-created then it will be so. Try this and ask for what it is you require or desire.

Ask for the support you need to manifest your own creation, for in truth you have already created this in divine timing for yourself.

Please understand that when you stand in the universal truth of love and choose to work from this original cell, this original creation, then all can be created in divine plan and divine timing for you instantly.

It is truth, our beloved ones, and it is not so difficult to do, if only you choose to allow it.

This is the key. Connect to this truth and then allow it to flow in your life. Give it permission to do so. Release all old programs and beliefs you have that this is not your truth. Release all limitations you have placed upon yourself and see this for the truth that it is, our beloveds. We say to you to choose not to remain bound in your old patterns and trapped in the stories of your mind.

We are here to remind you of who you are, so you do not fall back into non-remembrance of all that is. We wish you to wake up now and to seize the moment and the truth of All That Is so that you may grow and expand in the light and love of all that is in every waking moment.

We wish you to live your life consciously from this moment forth and to step forth in every moment with a conscious understanding of all that you do, and say and think, understanding that all is energy flowing within the stream of life in this plane and that the only limitations you have are the ones you create for yourself in the illusion in which you live.

Once again we say unto to you to choose to change your perceptions and the illusions that you yourself have created in this plane. Choose to change them now, dear ones, and wake to the love and light of the being you truly are so you may step forth and complete the divine plan, which you created for yourself before your incarnated.

We are here to assist you to do this in every waking moment and all you ever need to do is to call upon us, or the angels or any beings of the Light with which you resonate in truth in your heart. It is not so hard when you can call upon this assistance at any time.

We say to you that it is now divine timing for you to step forth and to wake up now and to live your life in this plane as you have co-created it.

Wake up dear ones and live in this moment of the now in divine timing within the divine plan that you co-created for yourself. Wake up, dear ones, and know the light and love of All That Is.

Wake up, dear ones, and see the true nature of All That Is and your own true nature. Wake up and see the being you are, for in truth, dear ones, you are all powerful, all one with All That Is in love and light.

We are always here for you dear ones, call to us and we will assist you. We love you in truth dear ones. Blessed be in the Light and love of All That Is.