Out of the Darkness into the Light ~ Serapis Bey

Welcome to the heart, dear one, for this is how we wish you to see us, as one big heart for all humanity. We sit now in the heart of all that is and this is where we bring forth our teachings and understandings of the now, dear one.

It is important at this time that we bring forth for all beings the one heart of all that is in understanding that it is the time of the awakening dear ones.

The one heart of all that is, dear one, is your heart and the heart of all beings in this realm. We say to all beings that now is the time for re-membering all that is in the now. For at this time we are moving into the realms of consciousness on the Earth and we are assisting all beings who wish to re-member their greatness to do so in full understanding of that which they are in love and in joy, dear ones.

To do this it requires a re-connection to the heart of all that is that lives within the soul and the monad, dear ones. It is important for you to make this re-connection in order to move forward in your motion.

When you are able to sit within this energy there are many keys that it holds for you all, dear ones. This is what we bring to you through our love and light.

For some it is easy to bring themselves into the heart of all that is for it is simply a re-membering of that which they are in full acceptance of this in all things. Yet, for so many of you that hold the pain and the fear of illusion and who still do not let go of old wounds this joining with the heart of all that is has become a painful re-membering and one you are resisting with all your might, dear ones, even if you do not understand this at a conscious level.

But we now wish you to see this, dear ones. We ask you to become conscious of your resistance to this in all things.

Even now as we speak to you we understand this resistance will blind you, for you will say ‘But we have done this and that’, ‘we have already worked so hard on our spiritual path’, ‘we are not resisting we are desirous of this meeting of hearts within us’.

And yet we say to you, dear ones, in love and light why is it then that you still hold this fear within you of meeting with your divine light within?

Why is it that you are still telling yourself you are unable to follow your path or that you are unworthy of receiving all that is offered to you in each and every moment?

We would ask you to consider your flow in all things at this time, our beloved ones, and to step from your self for one moment.

Consider how that flow moves for you at this time, dear ones. Is it strong and full of love within your life? Is all moving in the direction of divine bliss at this time, our beloved ones?

Or, is it hesitant, sometimes moving along the path in full strength and blissful love and peace, and at other times filled with fear and the belief you are unable to do anything that is worthy of this belief?  

If it is the latter in truth, dear ones, then we would ask you to understand in the now that there is still resistance on your part to reconnect with the one heart of all that is. You are still holding the wounds close to your heart of the past and do not wish to let these go, dear ones of the one heart.

We understand for you it is scary and, at times, you are unable to move forward because of the fear you hold in what this change may bring to you, so you prefer to remain where you are. And we see what pain and sadness this brings to you in all things, dear ones. But even still you are unable to move. It is a little like being on a high ledge and knowing the only way to life is to climb up or down, and yet every time you look up or down you are filled with fear and dread of what may occur if you move from the ledge, so it is here that you remain on the ledge never moving holding on for fear of your life, dear ones.

Yet we say unto to you at this time, our beloveds, that this is simply an illusion and the only thing that is waiting for you if you move from your high ledge is joy and peace. Joyfulness in the discovery that indeed you can move from where you are right now and that you have overcome your fear, and peace and acceptance that you are able to trust in all that is to guide you where you need to be at this time, and pure bliss knowing you are always held in the one heart of all that is, dear ones.

There is so much to gain and so little to lose by making this decision within you to move from the high ledge, dear ones.

For when you are re-connected to the one heart of all that is then your life will flow within the stream of God Source in maturity and understanding, dear ones. The illusions that you pull around you as your protectors will no longer be necessary.

When you begin to make this move you will also begin to feel free, free to follow the path you so desire in your own heart and yet have not been fully able to activate.

When you make this re-connection you will feel a fullness within your being of all that you are and you will in truth be able to re-member all that you are and stand in your full light, dear ones.

You will no longer be desirous of that which you perceive you have not, for indeed you will have all that you are in truth, dear ones.

You will no longer see yourselves as beings that are not whole, dear ones. You will no longer refuse to accept your divinity, dear ones, because it will simply be that which it is.

You will no longer see yourselves as that which you are not, instead you will fully understand all that you are in loving re-membrance of your being and the heart of God Source, dear ones.

All it takes are small steps, dear ones, small steps away from the edge of the ledge and away from the illusion you have created of that which you are.

We ask you now to step within your own hearts in this and to begin to take those small steps into the one heart of all that is, dear ones.

Yes, indeed they may be halting at first, and for some they may still be enmeshed in the illusion of their fear preferring their pain and their judgement of all that is over their re-connection to the one heart of God Source but we say to you, continue. Do not give up for we are with you. We stand beside you to support you and to guide you.

We cannot do this for you as can no other being may make these steps for you, dear ones. But we are in truth here with you every step of the way to assist you and to guide you, dear ones.

And even in your darkest moments of illusion we say to you we are beside you in all things. Call to us and we will assist you. We will hold you as you walk, dear ones.

But first we say to you, it is important that you make your steps forward, dear ones. We will always be beside you in all things even if you prefer to remain on the ledge looking down. We will be with you, dear ones.

But in this place we are unable to assist you for the veils of illusion that you have created are so strong around you. All it takes is one small step; one tiny step forward and we will hold you up, dear ones, as we marvel at your courage and strength.

We are not asking you to do the impossible, dear ones, and we accept all that you are in this moment but we say to you now is the perfect divine time to make those steps into the one heart of all that is.

Even if they are tiny steps you will still be moving forward, dear ones, away from the illusion that holds you trapped in its darkness and moving instead into the light of your own heart through which you will be able to make the re-connection to the one heart of all that is, dear ones.

Simply allowing and honouring this process and accepting this is the way for you in this moment. The more you move forward in tiny steps the closer you move to your heart's desire.

We ask you to hold fast to this and accept that which you are in this process, our beloveds.

Love that which you are in this process and see the greatness of your fears and how they challenge you in this moment, dear ones. For a challenge is what they create for you and we ask you to understand this and be conscious of this in every moment.

For every challenge is the healing of your core fears, dear ones. It is the lifting of your original veils of illusion. Do not be afraid to move through these for in truth they cannot hurt you, they are only veils of illusion and all that is held within them is simply illusion, it is not real.

You may think it is real and deny yourself at every turn but dear ones, we say unto you now to understand and accept this now. Accept it is but an illusion in which you sit right now our beloveds and allow yourself to see this truth.

It is this illusion that holds you back in fear, which creates all the other emotions to arise within you that holds you separate from all other beings, dear ones. It is this illusion that holds you within your pain so that you are unable to see that which is in truth, dear ones. It is this illusion that causes you to believe you are in such pain and separate from all those that are able to assist you, even us dear ones.

We ask you to have the courage now to move through this for it is now the perfect timing for you to do this. It is the perfect timing in this realm for allowing your fears to lift and to see though the veils of illusion that you have created like a shroud around you.

Honour that which you are in all things, dear one. Hold yourself to your own heart and honour all that you are in truth. For if you do this you will see that all that surrounds you in the now is but an illusion.

Let yourself take those steps forward now, our beloved ones, even as your fear grips you. Lift your heart up now into the oneness of all that is and call to us the Masters of the Light to walk with you along this dark ledge into the light of the one heart of all that is.

We ask you to make this choice now with us dear ones to allow yourself to move forward in love and honour for all that you are. We ask you now to accept the beauty of all that you are in the now, dear ones, and to honour God's wonderful creation within yourself.

We say to you now, dear ones, it is only yourself that can do this, for in truth no other being is able to do this for you even in the love and light of all that is. This is your challenge and your salvation dear ones at this time. It is but a small decision of trust and acceptance of all that is within your hearts. This is all that is required.

Once you have made this decision then your being will begin to flow within the stream of the one heart of all that is, dear ones - all you need to do is to accept and honour this within you, our beloveds. It is that simple in truth, our beloveds.

We say to you now to not allow your fear to hold you back for your fear is the illusion. Move forward on the ledge and step into the light of the one heart of all that is now, our beloveds. Our arms are open wide to hold you, our beloveds, and to assist you in all things.

Blessed be.