Are You Listening? ~ Lord Maitreya


Dear hearts, each soul has been given the gift of free will. You are the only sentient beings on the planet with this gift to master for all other beings have already mastered free will and no longer have need to learn how to work with this gift.

Hu-man souls are still being asked to master this gift.

Your free will is very strong, dear ones, and it leads you to many distractions and creates many distortions on your planet.

Yet it is through the learning of this free will that humanity evolves and becomes more of itself.

Where does your will lead you? Does it serve you, dear hearts, to choose right action for yourself and others? Does your strong will bring you to the consciousness of awakening and creating together in harmony or does it take you to other places that create chaos and disharmony in your life?

Each time you make a choice you use your free will, dear hearts, and you make choices in every moment of your existence. These choices create the reality in which you live and how you perceive all that you create. These choices affect your actions, which in turn affect what you create in life in every moment.

In each moment through your mastery you are asked to make choices – the choice of what to eat, what do wear, what to do, what to say, what to think, what to create and so many more. You make these choices in each moment using your free will.

Even when your free will is causing you to make choices that do not serve you it is still strong. Yet you are being asked to master your free will so that it may bring humanity to a place of harmony and alignment, rather than a place of imbalance and chaos.

When you are being wilful and using your free will to make choices that do not serve you in life then indeed, dear hearts, you are not listening to the will of your Divine Self, the will of your God within you.

You are listening to your ego self or shadow self that wants, needs or desires what it wants. Then your free will serves your ego self and not the divine self that you are.

When you choose to listen to the guidance of your Divine Self then your free will serves to create the highest potential for you and all beings. When this occurs in the collective then no longer will chaos and disharmony reign on Earth, as it continues to do at this time.

We ask you in each moment to ask yourself what will are you serving – the Divine Self or the Ego? While a times you may not fully understand the will of the Divine Self, please accept that the will of the Divine Selfwill always serve the highest potential for all beings, whereas your ego may only serve its master – the ego self – and it does not focus on the highest potential but simply what it wants.

Choose to allow your free will to be guided by the Divine Self and no longer by the ego's self that often causes distraction on your path, distortion of the truth and creates many illusions that bind you into limitation on Earth.

Choose to open your consciousness to listen more keenly to the will of the Divine so that you may receive a higher potential for yourself and all others in your life.

Choose to hold you heart open to this and no longer close your heart to this guidance from your Divine Self.

When there is judgment, distortion, lack of kindness and compassion then the heart is closed, dear ones, and you are unable to listen to the Divine Self.

Whenever there is wilfulness and disregard for your body, for others, for life itself then indeed you have closed your heart and are not listening to the will of the Divine Self.

Whenever there is expectation, disappointment or feelings of desire and need then you have closed your heart and are not listening to the Divine Self.

When your heart is open there is kindness and compassion and you will feel empathy for all beings. When this is true for you then your heart is open and you are listening to the will of your Divine Self.

When you do this in life then you will always meet your greatest potential.