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Wisdom of the Masters - Sydney Workshop

  • Awareness Centre, Blue Room Suite 1/ 20 Clarke St Crows Nest NSW Australia (map)

Mastering The Threefold Flame

Lord Maitreya, Mother Mary, Lady Nada and Melchizedek step forth to share with you the mystery that sits in the heart of God's light. They will offer to you wisdom teachings that will open your mind and your heart to embrace the truth of who you are and to come into Oneness with the Divine Self, all that you are.

The flames of God's heart will be ignited within your consciousness again and fuelled by the powerful activations of your soul as these loving Masters come to embrace and support you to step into a new you.

Mother Mary: We will hold you in our sacred heart and support you to embrace the very truth of you, dear hearts, so that you may move from the illusion of the physical and coe into the Oneness of the Divine.

Lady Nada: Come and sit with us us dear ones and make a choice. Choose to let go your resistance to accepting your divine truth. Choose to surrender your old beliefs that create limitations to all that you are. Choose to let go your limited stories and viewpoints. Choose to BE that which you are on the Earth. It is time for you to choose now.

Lord Maitreya: As you awaken to the divine light of you and acknowledge that which you are, dear ones we will show you the way into the light of the Universal self where all is connected. On this journey you will discover, dear hearts, that all that you create affects the whole and all that is created in the whole affects you. There is none that is not as One, all are one and connected to the whole. Blessed be.

Lord Melchizedek: We come to you dear hearts and bring the power of Oneness to you. It flows as the light in each moment through every thought, every breath, every step you make. In the light of Oneness all is honored and held for none are separate. When this truth is honored and fully aligned then all is aligned and resolved.

Through cellular activations from this council of Masters your DNA will be activated and regenerated to align to the new consciousness of your being that is being anchored on the Earth at this time. You will be asked to step into the Mystery of you and to reclaim the power of God's heart as the three codes of God consciousness are realigned and re-activated within your being.

WHERE: Awareness Centre, Blue room, Suite 1/ 20 Clarke St, Crows Nest.

COST: $120pp ($80 pensioners and unemployed) 



We will be offering the 4 live recordings of the channels from the Masters for this series. Cost will be AU$80 for 4 live recordings or just AU$200 for the set of 12 recordings.
Once you have ordered the links to download the recordings will be sent to you the day after the workshops are complete. 

Pay AU$80 for the 4 live Master Channels on April 30th

or Pay AUD$200 for all 12 live Master Channels in the Wisdom of the Masters series on January 30th, February 20 and April 30.