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Free Full Moon Healing Meditation

All are welcome at the Ashram or online for the live webinar. Join with Ishtar and the Ascended Masters to receive dispensations and healing support from the Masters every full moon. To register for the live webinar each month please go to this link:

At this time we come together in sacred space with the Ascended Masters and the Angelic realms to support and assist you through the energy that you will encounter over this full moon time.

The full moon energy supports you to resolve the past and heal any karma that you are holding so that you may move forward into the light of the present without limitation and be your Divine Light.

All that you need to do is to open your heart and make a choice that serves you and send this clear intention out into the Universe where it will be heard and supported to manifest.

The full moon illuminates the shadow consciousness within you. It brings light to the dark. Look at what it reflects to you. Then bring harmony to all that is being reflected to you at this time.



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