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Universal Rays Healing Level 1

UR Healing is a process that is channeled through direct contact with the
Ascended Masters of Light. The Ascended Masters say that profound healing
only comes about when your consciousness shifts and lifts to a new vibration on
all levels - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
Through Universal Rays healing we are seeing profound shifts and transformations
with clients from all around the world using this amazing healing therapy from
the Ascended Masters.
Please join us for 4 enlightening days as you are attuned through specific
channelled activations to open to receive the Mastery of the Ascended Masters
as well as the Universal Rays, and the powerful pranic energy from Mother Gaia.
You will also be connected to 5 healing angels, who will support you in your
healing practice.
PLUS during this training your Life-light chakra is opened and activated, This
is the chakra thriough which the Universal Rays flow into the physical being on
Earth. We have discovered over many years that this chakra is not open in most
people around the globe.
Once the Masters open and activate this chakra for you and attune it to their frequency you can directly receive the rays and then channel them to others. We have tested this over several years and found that unless you stop doing your spiritual work this chakra does not close down.
Level 1 training is being offered by Ishtar at the Ashram of the One Heart, Umina
Beach, NSW, Australia. This will be the ONLY Level 1 training offered in Australia before 2018.


For more information go to the Universal Rays Healing website
or phone Raishael on (02) 4341 2003 on Thursday or Fridays only.

You can live-in over the 4 days at the Ashram (shared accommodation and
bathroom) or commute each day.
Cost: AUD$650 (plus $75 extra per day of you live in, including meals)
To book please pay a $150 deposit (non-refundable)  - CLICK HERE TO PAY

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