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Path of the One Heart School

If you are a light worker then you are invited to join the path of the One Heart School which begins on April 6th, 2018. 

During these 12 months you will work with an Ascended Masters, an Angelic Higher Self, a member of the Elohim from the heart of God’s light and a beautiful group heart of like-minded beings who truly wish to serve their highest potential on Earth as a light worker.

You will receive guided meditations and activations from the 12 Christed Ascended Masters that will activate the Jani Tara codes within you that support you to open to your true mission on Earth as an activated light worker and step into your full power.

You will receive guided meditations and activation that will align you to particular pillars of service you have been guided to open to within your being so you may fully serve your divine light.

You will begin to anchor and align to the codes of your original energy body blueprints, the ones you were given at the very first breath of your soul into manifestation into the physical realms from the heart of God.

You will also have the opportunity to take this work out into the world and teach other light workers how to manifest their full potential.

This School will be fully channelled from the Christed Masters who taught the Essenes to become the light workers that they were more than 2500 years ago.

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The School opens on April 5-6 (depending on where you are in the world) with a live ceremony of awakening. Here are the times for this ceremony.


Sydney                                 - Friday April 6th at 6am)

Geneva or France              - Thursday April 5th at 22h 

London                                 - Thursday April 5th at 9pm

Los Angeles                         - Thursday April 5th at 1pm

New York                             -  Thursday April 5th at 4pm

Kolkarta, India                - Friday at 1.30am


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