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Wesak Full Moon Ceremony

Join us in sacred spirit as we celebrate the traditional time of the new spiritual year.

WESAK is tradtionally held at the time of the Scorpio full moon in the Sun sign of Taurus

This ceremony will honor the birth, death and rebirth of the Buddha consciousness on the planet with a meditation and wisdom channelled message from Lord Buddha channelled by Ishtar.

This event may be attended live at the Ashram or by live webcast from anywhere in the world. 

To join the webcast please click this link to register. 

If you cannot join us you will be able to download the recording if you register for the webinar.

Apart from being a time when the Buddhist world celebrates the Lord Buddha, this is the highest vibrational frequency time on the Earth and the beginning of our spiritual new year.

At this time on the Earth the energy portals open so that our consciousness may receive directly from the Family of Light through all dimensions.

It is said at this time in the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas a portal opens and the Ascended Masters come to the Earth in physical form to celebrate this special time of opening for humanity and to offer dispensation and gifts to all who come and ask for assistance.

Over this time at the Ashram of the One Heart we will connect deeply with our souls and spirit and the dimensions of the Family of Light as we are guided by the Ascended Masters what is in our highest potential to focus upon at this beginning to our spiritual year.

Please come and join us and receive inspiration and support to move into the new spiritual year of your being and be all that you can be.

Blessed Be All Beings on the Earth.

Blessed Be All Beings on the Earth.

Blessed Be All Beings on the Earth.

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