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Each Month Ishtar, the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and celestial healers offer a Full Moon healing Meditation for free to support you.

When you register to receive the FREE Ishtar Healing Temple each Full Moon, your name is placed onto the large crystalline altar and light portal dedicated to the Ascended Masters at the Ashram of the One Heart in Australia.

This altar been activated to a very high frequency through many years of sacred work and ceremony by the Ascended Masters, Ishtar and other amazing teachers and healers.

Once you have registered for the webcast you will be sent each month via email a reminder to join us on the Full Moon.

What will I receive?

Every Full Moon the Ishtar Healing Temple will offer a live healing ceremony via webcast which will hold different energies and these will be explained through the channel during the ceremony.

You may ask for specific healing energies to be focused on certain areas of your physical body or your life. Simply place out your prayers with your intent and they will be heard and met by the highest potential for you at this time.

All that you need to do is to open your heart and make a choice that serves you and send this clear intention out into the Universe where it will be heard and supported to manifest.

Why the Full Moon?

The full moon illuminates the shadow consciousness within you. It brings light to the dark. Look at what it reflects to you. Then bring harmony to all that is being reflected to you at this time.

At this time we come together in sacred space with the Ascended Masters and the Angelic realms to support and assist you through the energy that you will encounter over this full moon time.

The full moon energy supports you to resolve the past and heal any karma that you are holding so that you may move forward into the light of the present without limitation and be your Divine Light.

Register NOW

To be part of this live webinar or to receive this powerful healing meditations which you can do later please go to this link: Click Here to Register for the Live Webinar

Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with all the information you need to join the Webinar.

Attend Live

For those of you who live near the Ashram of the One Heart in Umina Beach, Australia you are invited to attend live at the Ashram. Please arrive a little before 6pm so you can be seated and ready to start at 6pm.


June 2019 - Special Ceremony for those we love and who have passed over

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April 2019 Easter Libra Full Moon - Healing from Lord Sananda and Q&A with Saint Germain

March 2019 - Lord Kuthumi and Saint Germain (Q&A)
February 2019 - Quan yin and Saint Germain (Q&A)
January 2019 - El Moyra and The Mothers and Lord Maitreya (Q&A)

December 2018 - Lord Melchizedeck and Mary Magdalene (Q&A)

November 2018 - Mary Magdalene and Lord Maitreya (Q&A)

October 2018 - Mother Mary and St Germain

September 24th 2018 - France with Lord Maitreya, Mother Mary and St Germain (Q&A)

August 2018 - Sth of France with Mary Magdalene - St Germain Q&A

July 2018 - Lord Maitreya healing the masculine heart - St Germain Q&A

June 2018 - Quan Yin on the Pathways and St Germain Q&A

April 30th 2018 WESAK Meditation Audio MP3 only with a message from Lord Buddha and a profound healing from the sisters of light

April 1st Meditation 2018 Audio MP3 only with a healing from Lady Sarah and questions and answers from Saint Germain

March 2nd 2018 Audio MP3 only: Honor the Beauty of You - Lord Kuthumi - Questions Saint Germain

January 31st 2018 Audio only: Open to Receive with Lord Maitreya - Questions Lord Kuthumi

January 2nd, 2018 Audio only: Connect with your Divine Spirit and Come Home - Dwjal Khul - Questions and Answers - Mary Magdalene

December 3, 2017 Audio only: Clear your Energy Fields and Connect with the God/Source within - Mary Magdalene

November 4 2017 - Anchor Divine Love - In'Easa mabu Ishtar

October 6 2017 - Divine Will - Lord Melchizedek - Questions Mary Magdalene

September 6 2017 - Compassion and Forgiveness - Quan Yin - Questions Saint Germain - Geneva Switzerland - Audio

August 7 2017 - Open to receive love and support - Mother Mary - Audio

July 8 2017 - Releasing Reactionand Resistance - Full Moon Meditation - Audio

June 6 2017 - Meet your Divine Potential - Full Moon Meditation - Audio

May 2017 - Wesak in Central Australia at Kings Canyon with Lord Buddha - Audio