How Do I Know I am a Lightworker?

1.     You feel different to others. Sometimes you feel you do not fit in or others simply don't understand you. You may often feel you were not meant to be on Earth and want to go "home". This may create a feeling of separation with family, groups and/or humanity.

2.  You feel you have a bigger purpose that no one seems to understand and even you may not know what it is. You know you want to be of service but are not sure what or how you want to serve.

3.  You have always felt a deep connection to something greater than yourself - perhaps you call this God or Source, soul or your spirit, perhaps it is with the stars or the Universe, or perhaps it is with Mother Earth.

4.  You are sensitive or empathic in some way and this may make you feel overwhelmed in groups of people and in big crowds, so often you try to avoid this. You may feel the emotions of others very keenly and often think they are your emotions and this may confuse you. 

5. You may often want to connect with people at a very deep level. When you do this you sense things about them that they have not told you. This may cause you to speak about their feelings or thoughts as if they have told you. This may attract people to you as they sense you are listening to them and understand them in a deeper way, or it may also cause misunderstandings where people feel their privacy has been invaded in a way they can't explain and so they feel they cannot trust you.

6. Your sensitivity may create a feeling of being overwhelmed by the suffering of others, including Mother Earth and animals. This may create great sadness inside of you or even deep rage or anger.

7.   You may find it difficult to accept it when people misunderstand or judge you, and you cannot understand why they are unable to open their heart to you or others with acceptance.

8.   You may often wish to care for other people, animals or Mother Nature and may feel the need to ‘save’ them or  ‘fix’ them in some way.

9.     You may inspire or motivate others and make them feel better about themselves, yet often you find it difficult to see this gift in yourself. You may find it difficult to honor your natural gifts and to accept them. You may compare yourself to others because you can easily see the gifts that others hold but not your own.

10. You may relate to mythical super heroes/heroines or fantasy beings. You may even see them or talk to them.

If you resonate to 9 out of 10 of these statements then you are a Lightworker and have a service to fulfil on the Earth. Are you ready to discover what this is?