As a subscriber of the Ishtar Healing Temple you receive Channelled Healing Blessings of Love and Light from an amazing group of Healing Angels, who are divinely supported by the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms.

Through the guidance of the Masters of Light, we have created a healing circle with more than 35 advanced channels, who channel powerful healing energy and sound. When you choose to open to receive the high frequency energy that is offered every month by this powerful circle of healers - physical and etheric -  it infuses your being at a deep level with love and pure light energy to support, nourish and energise you.

Each month you may ask for what it is that you need to be focused upon by the healing team. Simply call for this from your heart at the start of the webcast and trust that your prayer has been heard and will be met to your highest potential.

This healing blessing is offered every Full Moon via a live webcast, which will last from 50-60 minutes. (Please note the times will vary according to the time of the Full Moon each month.)

During the live webcast 3 divine channels will offer the healing ceremony as they are supported by 25-35 Healing Angels who send out divine healing energy to you at this time, as well as from the Ascended Masters, Archangels and psychic healers working to support this healing team.

Once you have subscribed you will be sent via email an invitation to register for the Ishtar Healing Temple live webcast via for that month.

When you register it is as easy as clicking onto a link to join the webcast!

Plus you will also receive a reminder to join the webcast so you don't forget.


If you have any questions they may already be answered in our Q&A.

If you are unable to attend live a recording will be available to download within 24 hours at this link.

Healing Angels offering their service include:

In'Easa mabu Ishtar

Alison Ramsay

Ananjan Mitter

Cathy Guillot

Celeseah Djhulia Kumara

Daina White

Debbie Freeman

Debbie Skye

Deborah Kneeshaw

Deboarh Tallarico

Delia Welty

Elly Bursky

Evoline Decampo

Fiona Borland

Gale Haas

Goedele Leyssen

Ildiko Rimoczy

Jacqueline Celestine Joachim

Janet O'Shea (Elshiana)

Janice Scalia


Joelle Vassalli

Jill Taylor

Josephine Buchanan

Katherine Miller (Jaikirra)

Lila Catherine Bruschweiler

Louise Kahan

Lynne Wilson

Marl Lawrence

Michael O'Neil

Michele Gray

Monika Comberti

Nancy Cohen

Naomi Fay

Nathalie Puzone

Nicole Barraud-Estoppey

Noemie Steiger

Nola Diamantopoulos

Patricia Mujica Betanzo


Rebecca Little

Sandra Dugliss

Sharyn Paul

Tracee Lee Helm

Valeria Castillo


Zeo Obari