LEVEL 3 training

In Level 3 you will train with the Feminine Ascended Masters and the Universal Rays that support and nourish your Soul on the Earth to manifest its Mastery.

This is the level of accessing your Soul and Spirit connection.

During this level you will learn about the 5 Higher Energy bodies and the 7 Higher Chakras.

You will also access the Higher Universal Rays Cards and learn to work with the energy that will support and nourish you through the consciousness of the Feminine Masters. 

You will be able to assist your clients to open to receive the higher frequencies of support and assistance to manifest and anchor their Mastery on the Earth. 

Over these two days of training you will spend one day learning of the chakras and energy bodies and one full day practising the healing technique with the new Universal Rays cards.

All students will receive:

  • Course manual

  • A pack of 10 Universal Ray cards will be added to the Level 2 pack of 28 cards (giving you a pack of 38 - master number of 11).

  • Full colour set (5) of A4 printed codes for the Higher Energy Bodies

  • Full colour set (7) of A4 printed codes for the Higher Chakras.

The next Level 3 Universal Rays healing training will be held:

Please go to the Universal Rays Healing official website for practitioners, teachers and more details of courses and costs