Loving Wisdom Councils Mentor Group



Mentor means someone who imparts wisdom to and shares knowledge with others

Working through three planes of consciousness (Angelic, Christed, and Celestial) the Ascended Masters invite all graduates of the first level of the Open to Channel School, who wish to be truly supported to bring their channel through to others and themselves, to join us for this 12-month mystery journey that will anchor a new level of the Open to Channel School.

The Ascended Masters will run this program in alignment with Ishtar and its inaugural course will set the parameters for ongoing programs. During this course Ishtar will mentor students who truly wish to evolve their channel pillar to a deeper level.

The Masters have asked that the group meet every month via a live webinar that will follow a program of assistance and support for each member.

A Wisdom council will be created from the members of the group to offer wisdom and guidance to those who ask – this may include other members or Open to Channel students. Members of this council will rotate once after 6 months with members of the Love Council.

A Love council will be created to offer loving assistance and support to other members or Open to Channel students by transmitting their channel stream to those in need. Members of this council will rotate once after 6 months with members of the Love Council.

The assistance from the councils will be offered to other members and OTC students by answering questions they may wish to put to the Wisdom or Love councils.

Group members will also channel from their own stream in co-creation together each month during the webinar on a set topic for one hour. This wisdom will then be shared with the students of the Open to Channel School or perhaps further afield.

During the 12-month program all members will receive guidance and wisdom about their channel stream from the Ascended Masters through Ishtar as and when it is received.

During the program all members will receive guidance and wisdom about their channel stream from the Masters and their Divine Self through other members when asked in accordance with Universal Law.

As a group we will practice our channels together and learn how they manifest – through sound, words, teachings, codes, drawings, transmissional energy, healing etc

Each member will work in a Heart Trinity with 2 other members in a process where you will connect and practice together via live webinar meetings that Ishtar will organise for you. The Ascended Masters through Ishtar will give each group a focus to practice together each month and share back with the group.

When we work as a group to practice opening the channel, you will be given feedback about your channel stream in an open-hearted manner and you will be offered support and guidance. You will be guided about the work you are doing and how to evolve and strengthen it more deeply.

The success of this group depends on members attending the group webinars and connecting together on a regular basis. We understand this may be difficult for some members due to international timing issues but we will endeavour to work around this and may have to hold 2 different webinars (but we will not know about this until members have joined).


  • Strengthening and evolving your channel
  • Structured format for practicing your channel
  • Regular feedback to support your growth (from Ishtar, the Masters, your Heart Trinity, the entire group)
  • Assistance with blocks or problems with regard to how you channel
  • Opportunity to bring through new wisdom to the world
  • Potential expansion of the ways your channel expresses itself (sound, codes, teachings, inspiration, healing energies, transmissions, art, music, etc
  • Greater trust and confidence in your channel stream for yourself and for others
  • Become part of an inaugural course - in service helping the Masters to create and anchor another level of teaching and activation for humanity
  • Learn how to work in co-creation with other channel streams
  • Learn to accept and receive loving support and wisdom


  • Completion of the OTC course (this includes the 40 lessons in the manual, homework and webinar attendance
  • Commitment to yourself and evolving your channel stream
  • Commitment to the group. An important requirement is a willingness to open your heart in loving support and share your wisdom and insights as feedback on a regular basis
  • Willingness to meet the expectations and time commitments as outlined above
  • A commitment to each other for this work and the Ascended Masters
  • A commitment to "show up" for ourselves and our group members. If you regularly choose not to attend the group commitments and choose not to resolve this with Ishtar and the group, then you will not be able to continue working with this group. (If you have a valid reason for not being able to attend for 2-3 sessions of the group, of course, this will be accepted. But you will need to be in contact with Ishtar.)


  • 1 x monthly live 2-hour webinar with Ishtar and the entire group. (During this webinar we do a 1 hour channel as set by the Masters in a group co-creation. We will share the  homework from our Heart Trinity work.)
  • 1 x 1-hour monthly meeting with your Heart Trinity via webinar to complete the assigned monthly channel work
  • 1 x live 1-hour webinar with Ishtar and the entire group serving on each of the two councils for 3 monthly rotations over the year - responding to member and student inquiries etc
  • 10-day exclusive OTC retreat in Hawaii (Lamuria) September 13-23, 2015 - Optional extra cost

TOTAL TIME: 4-5 hours per month

COST: AU$840 for 12 months (AU$62-$67 per month). 

This amount can be paid upfront in total, in 4 x 3 monthly instalments or as a monthly subscription.

To register you will need to pay AU$200 as a deposit.



1. How is this different from OTC in terms of opening, expanding and evolving my channel?

A: Students in this program will receive mentoring from Ishtar and other channels in the group at a deeper level than OTC Level 1. It will also give all members of this group the opportunity to practice their channel for others as they support each other and the students of OTC level 1. It is a practice of deep service.

2. In OTC we talk about our channel as opening to all that we are.... not focusing on messages... but this seems to have some focus on channeling for others.... can you clarify?

A: Yes you are right. In Open to Channel Level 1 we work with opening the channel pillar to allow the spiritual current to flow through us so we can receive with clarity and without filters what our soul and spirit wishes to share with us. In this level, because the channel pillar is open and we have resolved the old karma that keeps us disconnected from our spiritual current, we can now begin to work more deeply with what spirit wishes us to receive from this connection. This means we can connect wiht our divine Self and the divine Self of others wiht greater clarity to receive what may be in the highest potential for them in divine timing. The channel will not be focused on others as we will also be receiving for ourselves. 

3. Will this be a rolling group and once we start will others be allowed to join?

A: No, this will be a closed group once we begin.

4. What do you mean by a monthly subscription... can I come in and out month by month?

A: No, you can pay upfront the full amount for the year or you can pay by instalments or a monthly subscription. But you cannot cancel or come in and out monthly.

5. Should anyone wishing to teach The Masters’ Way be required to participate in this?

A: This group is not a requirement for The Masters’ Way but it would certainly assist any teacher of The Masters’ Way.

6. I'm assuming this is for all former OTC students, not just this year's graduates.. right?

A: Yes, all past OTC students who meet the requirements may join this group.


CANCELLATION POLICY: Our payment plans are offered to assist students who are unable to pay the full amount in one payment and we would ask that you honor this. Cancellations of your payments for the Open to Channel School are not accepted once you have enrolled. All students are required to make full payment for the course even if you choose to leave the course before the 12 months is complete or do not choose to do the work. We do not take repsonsibility for your choices. Subscription and instalment plans cannot be cancelled during the course. Full payment is required even if you choose to opt out of the course at any time during the 12 months or choose not to complete the work. 

PAYPAL: Destiny Media Services Pty Ltd cannot change your credit card details on your Paypal account. Please keep your credit card details up to date if you choose Option 3 or 4. If your credit card expires or you change your credit card please ensure you notify PayPal and make these changes on your account immediately. 

All students must have access to the internet, email and a computer or Ipad to do this course.