The Mentors of Love and Wisdom

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New Level introduced for graduates of the  
Open to Channel School 

Mentor means someone who imparts wisdom to and shares knowledge with others

Working through three planes of consciousness (Angelic, Christed, and Celestial) the Ascended Masters invite all graduates of the first level of the Open to Channel School, who wish to be truly supported to bring their channel through in loving service to others and themselves, to join the Mentors of Love and Wisdom Ltd, a not-for-profit organisation which has been set up by Ishtar and a group of advanced channels from Open to Channel.

As this is very deep work in service to humanity all mentors wishing to join this organisation are asked to commit for a journey of 2-3 years of offering your channel in loving service to humanity, and of course to your own being.

The Ascended Masters oversoul this organisation in alignment with Ishtar, but it is co-ordinated and manifested in co-creation with every Member of the organisation. During this journey Ishtar mentors students who truly wish to evolve their channel pillar to a deeper level in service to humanity.

This is a journey of co-creation and mastery of the channel in loving service to humanity through a not-for-profit organisation called Mentors of Love and Wisdom Ltd.

The members of this organisation come together in a trinity and meet regularly to channel from their Higher Selves energetic processes to support and assist unresolved karma to become resolved for themselves and the heart of humanity, as well as to raise their own consciousness.

It is a deep journey of learning how to co-create together through compassion and love.

During this work members learn to mentor each other deeply as they co-create meditations, activations, wisdom channels, and healings to assist the resolution and release of old karma they have been assigned to work with through their higher self in deep channel.

The trinities also offer healing processes, as well as meditations, activations and wisdom teachings to each other and the group heart of the organisation to support all to release this karma in order to create liberty for the soul.

As the trinties deepen in this work they begin to co-create mentoring programs that soon will be offered out to the world.

All that is offered is co-created in trinity so the work is very powerful coming from three divine channels, who are co-creating together through their higher selves and the councils of light they each work with.

The group heart (all members) of this organisation meets in co-creation every month via a live webinar that will follow a program of assistance and support for each member.

A Wisdom Council offers wisdom and guidance to those who ask – this may include other members or Open to Channel students. 

A Love Council offers loving assistance and support to other members or Open to Channel students by transmitting their channel stream to those in need. 

The assistance from the councils will be offered by answering questions that are put to the Wisdom or Love councils.

All members will receive guidance and wisdom about their channel stream from the Masters and their Divine Self through other members when asked in accordance with Universal Law.

In trinity in co-creation the Mentors work with their channels together and learn how they manifest – through sound, words, teachings, codes, drawings, transmissional energy, healing etc


  • Strengthening and evolving your channel

  • Structured format for practicing your channel

  • Regular feedback to support your growth (from Ishtar, the Masters, your Heart Trinity, the entire group)

  • Assistance with blocks or problems with regard to how you channel

  • Opportunity to bring through new wisdom to the world

  • Potential expansion of the ways your channel expresses itself (sound, codes, teachings, inspiration, healing energies, transmissions, art, music, etc

  • Greater trust and confidence in your channel stream for yourself and for others

  • Be in service helping the Masters to create and anchor another level of teaching and activation for humanity

  • Learn how to work in co-creation with other channel streams

  • Learn to accept and receive loving support and wisdom


  • Completion of the OTC course (this includes the 40 lessons in the manual, homework and webinar attendance

  • Commitment to yourself and evolving your channel stream

  • Commitment to the group. An important requirement is a willingness to open your heart in loving support and share your wisdom and insights as feedback on a regular basis

  • Willingness to meet the expectations and time commitments as outlined above

  • A commitment to each other for this work and the Ascended Masters

  • A commitment to "show up" for ourselves and our group members. If you regularly choose not to attend the group commitments and choose not to resolve this with Ishtar and the group, then you will not be able to continue working with this group. (If you have a valid reason for not being able to attend for 2-3 sessions of the group, of course, this will be accepted. But you will need to be in contact with Ishtar.)


  • 1 x monthly live 2-3 hour webinar with Ishtar and the entire group.

  • 2 x 2-hour monthly meeting with your Heart Trinity via webinar to complete the assigned monthly channel work

  • 1-2 x 1-hour meeting in a service circle

  • 10-day exclusive Mentor retreat - Optional extra cost

TOTAL TIME: 8-10 hours per month

COST: AU$20 per month to join the organisation  


All students must have access to the internet, email and a computer or Ipad to do this work