On the Path of Light the student begins to learn about spiritual concepts and their connection to the greater whole. Through 30 lessons and audio meditations you will learn how to connect with your spiritual self and expand your consciousness. The Path of Light teachers you about the power that you hold within you to manifest your reality on the Earth to meet your highest potential. It will show you what tools you need to use to create a balanced and harmonious life for yourself on the Earth.

During this course you will learn how to resolve your karma and release your shadow selves (aspects). The course manual offers information about your energetic being - the chakras, light body, the Universal matrix, your soul, your monad, how to work with karma, the Universal Laws, light rays of energy, and much more.

The student package includes:

  • 332-page manual with recordings of the lessons

  • A welcome letter with the channelled names of the 3 Ascended Masters who will guide and support you while you are doing this program and your personal focus for this course.

  • 30 Lessons on the Path of Light from the Ascended Masters including Lord Buddha, Babaji, Lord Kuthumi, Saint Germain, Quan Yin, Thoth, Serapis Bey, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda, Mother Mary, and Lord Melchizedek.

  • All lessons are also supplied as an MP3 audio file via a Dropbox link for you to listen to PLUS many extra meditations to assist and support you

  • Each lesson has an outline of the Key Teachings at the beginning and an interactive Student Worksheet to finish.

  • Your cells, DNA, aspects, monads and energy bodies will be highly activated as you work with this manual.

  • A suggested regime for working with this course is offered in the manual.

  • 13 personal chapters written by Ishtar about her path of self mastery with guidacne and support for you

  • 21 Chapters filled with practical information and tools about Energy, Souls and Monads, The Light Body, Aspects, Karma, Chakras, Sensory Gifts, Universal Rays, Universal Laws, Basic Energy Work,Psychic Protection, Clearing Space, Crystals, Vibrational Essences, Light Technology, Ascended Master Tools, Decrees, and Affirmations.

  • 43 answers to questions about everything from the Ascended Masters.

Cost for the student package to join Path of Light is just $180 (+ 10% GST for Australians) plus postage + handling

When you join a Path of Light group in your area you will pay the accredited facilitator a nominated fee for the group meetings over the 10-12 months. If you do not attend a meeting you will still be expected to pay. 

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Chapter 1 Step onto the Path

Chapter 2 The Presence of God/ess

Chapter 3 The Masters’ Way

Chapter 4 Ishtar’s Master Path

Chapter 5 Building Trust and Faith

Chapter 6 Sacred Initiations

Chapter 7 What Choice will you Make?

Chapter 8 The Search for Source

Chapter 9 False Gods

Chapter 10 Access Your Divine Self

Chapter 11 It is your Choice

Chapter 12 The Importance of our Teachers

Chapter 13 Limitations from our Childhood

Chapter 14 Seeing Yourself as Less

Chapter 15 Love and Blessings

Chapter 16 Gift of Free Will

Chapter 17 Group Consciousness

Chapter 18 Listening to your Inner Voice

Chapter 19 The Beautiful Mind

Chapter 20 The Importance of Meditation

Chapter 21 The Breath of Life

Chapter 22 E-Motions

Chapter 23 Ascension—the prize

Chapter 24 What is Energy?

Chapter 25 Matter

Chapter 26 Plasma

Chapter 27 Prana, Chi or Ki

Chapter 28 Creator Beings

Chapter 29 Co-creating our Reality

Chapter 30 Thought is Energy

Chapter 31 Souls and Monads

Chapter 32 Group Consciousness

Chapter 33 Aspects

Chapter 34 The Light Body

Chapter 35 The Seven Lower Bodies

Chapter 36 The Chakras

Chapter 37 Sensory Gifts

Chapter 38 Opening your Gifts

Chapter 39 Clairaudience

Chapter 40 Clairsentience

Chapter 41 Clairvoyance

Chapter 42 Using you Gifts

Chapter 43 The Vibration of the Message

The Light Pathway

Lesson 1 The Spiritual Seeker

Lesson 2 Enlightenment: Where is it?

Lesson 3 The Path of Service

Lesson 4 Balance Unresolved Relationships

Lesson 5 Release Karma

Lesson 6 It is Time to Wake Up

Lesson 7 Mirrors of Light

Lesson 8 The Space of No Time

Lesson 9 Seeing Divine Truth

Lesson 10 Your Egyptian Self

Lesson 11 Buddhic Light: The Flow of Light to All

Lesson 12 Cleansing Activation for the Energetic Bodies

Golden Orbs of Light

Lesson 13 Release Attachment to the External Realms

Lesson 14 Remember The Light You Are

Lesson 15 Disconnect from the Mass Consciousness

Lesson 16 Connecting to the Starry Realms

Lesson 17 Holding onto Past Lives

Lesson 18 Release Fear and Ancient Earth Memories

Lesson 19 The Mirror of Your Light

Lesson 20 The Mystery of Life

Lesson 21 Balance Light and the Dark Within

Lesson 22 An Activation to Open Your Heart

Lesson 23 Five Thoughts of Distraction To One Thought of Oneness

Lesson 24 Open to The Light of Your Being

Lesson 25 Give Thanks for your Balloons of Light

Lesson 26 Vibration of Sound

Lesson 27 Earth Changes

Lesson 28 Light Activation

Lesson 29 Connect With The River of Light

Lesson 30 The Buddhic Nature

Tools of Assistance

Chapter 1 Activating and Balancing The Chakras

Chapter 2 The 12 Primary Chakras

Chapter 3 The Chakra Personalities

Chapter 4 The 12 Universal Rays

Chapter 5 12 Primary Universal Laws

Chapter 6 Basic Energy Work

Chapter 7 Psychic Protection

Chapter 8 Tools for Psychic Protection

Chapter 9 Tools for Clearing Space

Chapter 10 Working with Crystals

Chapter 11 Making Crystals Work for You

Chapter 12 Good Vibrations

Chapter 13 Light Technology

Chapter 14 Assistance from the Ascended Masters

Chapter 15 Decrees to Lift your Vibration

Chapter 16 Affirmations to Lift your Vibration

The Ascended Masters Answer Your Questions

These are questions and answers from the Ascended Masters collected and transcribed over the hundreds of live group channels conducted by In’Easa mabu Ishtar.

  1. Acceptance

  2. Akashic Records

  3. What are the Ascended Masters?

  4. How do the masters see us?

  5. Gender of the Ascended Masters

  6. What is ascension?

  7. Chaos in my life

  8. How can I open my channel?

  9. Choices in life?

  10. Where does the Christ Consciousness come from?

  11. Do dogs ascend?

  12. Earth’s ascension

  13. How does energy healing work?

  14. Fifth dimension ascension

  15. Financial abundance

  16. Who and what is god?

  17. Receiving guidance

  18. Healing others

  19. Closed heart

  20. Was Jesus married?

  21. Judgement

  22. Karmic absolution

  23. Lady Sarah

  24. How do I love myself more?

  25. 2012 – the Mayan Calendar

  26. Power

  27. The phoenix

  28. Relationships and sexual intercourse in other dimensions

  29. Working in relationship

  30. Sitting in resistance

  31. Sexual relationships

  32. Starry children

  33. Star seeds

  34. Seeing the future?

  35. Struggle and pain

  36. Soul aspects

  37. How can I be more in my spiritual life?

  38. Other three dimensional realms

  39. The war within

  40. Vision and hearing

  41. Viruses