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The Path of Love is a deep and profound journey into the heart of you. It teaches you how to come into loving embrace of yourself through three very important steps. The first step is to acknowledge and honor all that you are. The second step is to accept all that you are - shadow and the light. The third step is to embrace the master self within and follow its guidance.

The Path of Love opens you to the energy of creation that is in abundance all around you. It asks you to accept the divine within you and to honor the divine all around you. This path asks you to let go all the stories that you are attached to that create separation in your life.

It is on this path that you begin to see all the possibilities that are open for you and come to know that each choice you make brings you close to your divine power.

The Path of Love is a deep path of self discovery and when you walk this path with a group of like-minded students you are deeply supported as you share together.

The Path of Love is the road home to all that you are.

The Path of Love student package includes:

  • 390-page manual with audio files of all lessons

  • A welcome letter with your personal focus for this level of the course. In most cases your 3 Masters remain the same for this level as for the Path of Light.

  • 33 Lessons on the Path of Love from the Ascended Masters including Lady Mary, Lord Maitreya, Divine Mother, Quan Yin, Lord Buddha, Saint Germain, Lady Venus, Lady Nada, Lord Melchizedek, and Lord Kuthumi.

  • All lessons are also supplied as an MP3 audio file via a dropbox link to download the files PLUS extra meditations to assist and support you

  • Each lesson has an outline of the Key Teachings at the beginning and an interactive Student Worksheet to finish.

  • Your cells, DNA, aspects, monads and energy bodies will be highly activated as you work with this manual.

  • A suggested regime for working with this course is offered in the manual.

  • 13 personal chapters written by Ishtar about her experiences on the Path of Love with practical information and guidance to follow.

  • 17 Chapters with Tools of Assistance including - Power of the Mind, Monads and Souls, The Light Body, Seven Lower Bodies, Five Higher Bodies, The Chakras, 12 Universal Rays, Karma, Universal Laws, Basic Energy Work, Resolving Aspects, Light Technology, Ascended Master Tools, Decrees, and Affirmations, Power of Mantras.

  • 64 channelled answers to questions you have always wanted to ask the Ascended Masters

Cost for the student package to join Path of Love is just $180 (+ 10% GST for Australians) plus postage + handling

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The Masters’ Way iii

Dedication v

Introduction 9

How to Work With This Manual and Audio DVD 10

About The Channel 12

The Master’s Way Path of Love 16

Chapter One Opening The Heart 17

Chapter Two Belief Systems 20

Chapter Three The Group Collective 22

Chapter Four The Threefold Flame 25

Chapter Five What is Love? 30

Chapter Six Learning to Love 32

Chapter Seven The Journey 36

Chapter Eight Fairy Tales 37

Chapter Nine Self Knowledge 39

Chapter 10 Belief of Separation 42

Chapter 11 Creating with Love 45

Chapter 12 Embrace LOVE 47

Chapter 13 Surrender and Forgive 49

Petals of the Heart Prayer 53

Love Teachings Lessons 1–33 54

Lesson One Divine Co-Creation and Manifestation 55

Lesson Two Honor the Divine Within You 61

Lesson Three The Key to the One Heart 69

Lesson Four Expand Into the Innocent Heart 73

Lesson Five Your Multi-Dimensional Heart 79

Lesson Six Release the Pain from Your Heart 87

Lesson Seven Separation With the Masculine and Feminine 93

Lesson Eight Bring Joy and Love to Your Life 102

Lesson Nine Connect With Mother Earth 107

Lesson 10 Remember Your Connection to the One Heart 112

Lesson 11 What is Abundance? 117

Lesson 12 Let Go of Your Separation 124

Lesson 13 Open to Receive 131

Lesson 14 Know the Heart Frequency of Divine Truth 136

Lesson 15 Merging Your Spiritual Path With Your Life 143

Lesson 16 Forgiving the Mother 150

Lesson 17 Become Joy and Love 155

Lesson 18 Awaken the Divine Child Within 161

Lesson 19 Receive the Gift of Light and Love 169

viii © 2012 In’Easa mabu Ishtar

The Masters’ Way — Path of Love

Lesson 20 Become Your True Nature 174

Lesson 21 Be The Child of God That You Are 182

Lesson 22 Fear of Separation 188

Lesson 23 Embrace Your Soul 194

Lesson 24 Be Free in This Life 201

Lesson 25 Release What Does Not Serve You 209

Lesson 26 Temples of Divine Love 215

Lesson 27 Divine Love 221

Lesson 28 Discover the Love Body 229

Lesson 29 Gift of God 236

Lesson 30 Creating Oneness 242

Lesson 31 Open Your Heart 248

Lesson 32 Surrender and Acceptance 253

Lesson 33 Surrender to Your Master Being 261

Tools of Assistance 269

Chapter One The Power of the Mind 272

Chapter Two Monads and Souls 275

Chapter Three The Light Body 279

Chapter Four The Seven Lower Bodies 282

Chapter Five The Five Higher Bodies 287

Chapter Six The Chakras 291

Chapter Seven The 12 Primary Chakras 294

Chapter Eight The 12 Universal Rays 299

Chapter Nine Resolving Unbalanced Karma 310

Chapter 10 12 Primary Universal Laws 314

Chapter 11 Basic Energy Work 321

Chapter 12 Resolving Unbalanced Energy 324

Chapter 13 Light Technology 327

Chapter 14 Assistance from the Ascended Masters 329

Chapter 15 Decrees to Lift your Vibration 333

Chapter 16 Affirmations to Lift your Vibration 339

Chapter 17 The Power of Mantras 341

Questions and Answers from the Ascended Masters 345