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“The mystery sits in the core of each one of us for we are the mystery. The eternal spiral of life moves deeply through the Universe and affects all things as it constantly creates again and again. It is this spiral of creation that brings us home to the very core of our being—the Source of all that is. Choose to walk the spiral of life in full surrender and release the will of the ego self to the will of your Divine Self. When you open your heart to the flow of creation in full surrender then you come to know the true power of the mystery as it manifests in your life.” - Ishtar


The The Path of Mystery is the path of surrender, yet it is also the path of power — for when you walk this path you fully surrender to the power of God within. It is on this journey that you step more deeply into the abyss of the Divine Self and return to the true heart within.

Some may call this coming “home” and yet it is to be understood that coming home needs no long journey to another place. To come “home” means journeying to the very heart of the Divine Self that is within. You have no need to search for it elsewhere in the heavens or the stars. It is already who and what you are — purely divine.

As you walk the eternal spiral of creation you walk in the Mystery of God’s infinite and unclaimed heart. As you walk the circles of creation within the spiral of God’s infinite mystery, look to see if you are coming from the very core of Oneness.

Are you stepping out into the eternal potential or are you coming back from the outer rim walking toward the core? Understand that each is in alignment with the breath of God — sometimes you are walking on the in breath and sometimes you are on the out breath.

Yet, know well that each breath will bring you home to the Divine Self. The great Mystery of God’s creation is always unfolding and you are one with this. Let go and be the Mystery that you are.

 This is a self-mastery teaching program that includes ascension wisdom teachings from the Ascended Masters, which were channeled by In’Easa mabu Ishtar.

The Path of Mystery is the third level of The Masters’ Way course.

Over these profound spiritual initiations of self-mastery, the Ascended Masters show you how to walk the threefold path to find your way back home to the One Heart within you.

Throughout these initiations the Ascended Masters offer wisdom teachings and high-frequency energy activations that help you to connect with your soul and the essence of God consciousness within you. This helps you to anchor the gifts of your soul on the Earth as you open to meet your multidimensional self and manifest your Divine Self on the Earth through the physical form.
The Path of Mystery has 33 wisdom teachings that are high-frequency energy attunements channeled from the Ascended Masters. To receive the highest potential from this course, we recommend that you do one lesson each week in the order they are set out in the manual.
While you read and listen to the teachings and complete the worksheets, your cells, DNA, consciousness, energy bodies, and monads are being highly activated. During the course you receive downloads of energy, information, and guidance from the Ascended Master Council that oversoul this course.
Each lesson holds a very high frequency of energy and you may find that as you embrace these teachings fully they begin to manifest in your life through the physical realm.