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Invitation to All Lightworkers


A lightworker is an advanced soul who incarnates on Earth during times of specific changes and initiations for humanity so they can share the unique gifts they hold in loving service.

Every Lightworker has incarnated on Earth to serve the divine light and the awakening of humanity through their Mastery. Lightworkers come to Earth to hold a sacred space through their light pillars for the new consciousness to flow into the heart of humanity and to support this consciousness to be anchored and grounded for all beings.

Lightworkers have been training for this role over many lifetimes in service to the light and humanity.  Each time we incarnate on Earth we are asked to awaken our unique gifts and focus our efforts in service to the light of the divine to be awakened in the heart of humanity.

Lightworkers  are the pillars of light for humanity. We are the way showers on the path of Ascension for all souls on Earth. We are also the first ones to receive the new waves of conscious energy that is sent to this planet during specific times of increased awakening and enlightenment for humanity. We hold specific codes within our DNA that allows us to integrate and anchor this energy for all of humanity.

We choose to incarnate at these times in Earth's history so we may be of service to the light and humanity by offering our unique gifts.

Yet often Lightworkers forget who we are and we become confused by the density and distractions of this planet. When we have forgotten our mission or become caught up in unresolved karma or old programs we do not always know what to do with our unique gifts and so when the new consciousness flows through us it often overwhelms us even more than it does humanity.

As lightworkers we are asked to integrate and anchor this new consciousness flooding the Earth so it may lift the vibration of humanity's consciousness but when we are stuck in old patterns of limitation or separation energy this becomes impossible for us to do. And we feel the sadness and pain of this in our hearts deeply.

When we are not in our power, cannot connect with our unique gifts or do not trust them, when we choose to doubt ourselves or cannot feel love for ourselves, and when we go into separation energy then being a Lightworker becomes a very challenging role for us to hold in the awakening and upliftment of the consciousness on Earth.

When this occurs it becomes very difficult for a Lightworker to acknowledge, accept and embrace their mission. They are then unable to follow the purpose they have come to manifest for the greater good in loving service to the divine light.

Because Lightworkers are very sensitive or empathic they feel the energy shifts of the Universe deeply, so when we close our hearts to ourselves and sit in duality and negativity we are very overwhelmed by this and may shut down. When our pillar of light shuts down we are unable to hold the sacred space for the new consciousness to anchor on Earth and cannot complete our collective mission.

More than 2,350 years ago a group of Christed Ascended Masters taught the Essenes how to teach lightworkers to hold their hearts open to themselves so they could remain in a place of sacred space in their hearts and minds so this energy may be held on Earth.

These Christed Essene Masters taught Lightworkers that they were a sacred portal of living light and showed them how to hold this sacred space within them. They assisted each Lightworker to recognize and accept their unique gifts. They supporter Lightworkers to understand that it is only through the transformation of each hu-man soul that the collective will transform and lift its heart and mind from the shadows and once more claim its light again.

The Christed Essene Masters have asked In'Easa mabu Ishtar to share these sacred teachings again with all Lightworkers who are committed to their purpose on Earth.

If you are a lightworker and would like to learn these sacred teachings from the Christed Masters  please join Ishtar for the next 12 months for specific training with a council of divine Christed Masters – Mary Magdalene, Lord Sananda, Lord Maitreya, Lady Sarah, Mother Mary, Dwalj Khul, Kuthumi, Venus Kumara, Lady Nada, Babaji, Quan Yin, and Lady Ishtar.

We are seeking committed lightworkers to integrate and ground this work. If you truly wish to open your heart to yourself and the unique gifts you hold and wish to anchor your pillar of divine light on Earth for the benefit of humanity in service to the divine light then please come and walk with the Christed Essene Masters and In'Easa mabu Ishtar on this journey into the One Heart.

PLEASE NOTE: The word Christed means God Awakened. It is not about the religious prophet Jesus Christ.

What do you need?

  • Commitment to the path

  • An open mind

  • A willing heart

  • A little trust and faith in spirit

  • A sense of service

Where are we going on this journey?

  • Be the Lightworker you are meant to be

  • Step into self love

  • Honor and accept your unique gifts as a Lightworker

  • Receive wisdom and tools to support your sensitive heart

  • Let go your limitations

  • Find strength and resilience in yourself

  • Accept all of you – dark and light

  • Open to compassion for self

  • Know the divinity of yourself

  • Forgive yourself

  • Serve from your heart not the mind

  • Surrender to your Soul plan