How will the Path of the One Heart School be run?

The Path of the One Heart is a journey we will take together over 12 months together.

  • The Path of the One Heart School will begin on April 5, 2018.
  • The work will be taught through two monthly live webinars from the Ashram of the One Heart (students in Sydney may attend in person)
  • During the Path of the One Heart we will be training 5 different groups of Lightworkers with very specific focuses. When you join the School we will explain what type of Lightworker you are and you will be assigned to one of these 5 sacred circles and be trained in this group once a month through a live webinar during the School.
  • The School will hold a physical retreat to anchor and ground the work at the end of the 12 months (Place yet to be decided, attendance is optional,  and cost is extra)
  • 2-3 hour teaching and sharing webinars will be held every two weeks. One will be for the whole group together and one for the group you have been assigned - click here for information on these groups
  • *** Times suggested below may change to suit international time zones once all students have registered.
    At this time English speaking students webinars will be held on a Saturday morning from 10am Sydney time (Friday evening for US);
    For French speaking students webinars will be held on a Sunday 5pm Sydney time (9am Geneva).
    For English speakers in Europe webinars will be held on a Saturday at 6pm Sydney time (9am London time). 
    ** Times and days may change depending on who registers and where you live. Plus it may change due to daylight saving across international time zones.
  • Recordings and videos of each webinar will be made available for all students so you can listen to them at your leisure. You do not have to attend every webinar in person but it is highly recommended.
  • Extra recordings of meditations and activations will be given to students to work with during the School.
  • There will be homework where students will be asked to create codes or mandalas, practice particular teachings or work with special tools in your daily life and share about these experiences on certain webinars.
  • Students will be asked to join a closed Facebook student group to share and support each other.
  • Students will be required to have 6 Universal Ray Healings with a nominated accredited practitioner (in person or distance) during the year to assist you to release and let go of unresolved energy in separation (cost included).
  • Students will  be required to have 2 personal sessions with In'Easa mabu Ishtar with the Christed Essene Masters oversouling this work (cost included).
  • Each student will be assigned a student buddy for personal insight and back-up. You will meet on a regular basis at least once a month to share your light and love, and a lot more. Directions will be given.
  • Approximate time required each month - 8-10 hours


TOTAL COST: AU$3450 (+GST for Australian residents)

DEPOSIT: $1500

Monthly Payments: $170

Quarterly Payments: $492     

5% discount for full payment: $3277

If you have a question or need assistance please email us now

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