Ishtar regularly works with clients from around the world

"Thank you Ishtar and the Ascended Masters. Our session was beyond any expectation I could have possibly have had. I received the most pure but intense healing and unconditional love. Amongst guidance, knowledge and wisdom. Thank you Ishtar for what you do, you have changed my life. And thank you to the Ascended Masters, for walking with me on this journey. I now really appreciate myself for the divine being I am, I choose to see myself as the Masters see me, as whole, with no judgement, with unconditional love. I have a renewed trust and faith and so much hope. I feel honoured and blessed to have been able to have this experience, and to know that I can have it again. May your light always continue to shine so bright. I look forward to meeting with you and those beautiful Ascended Masters again one day when the time is right. Much love and gratitude."

Jenny Heard, Sydney, Australia

"Much love and appreciation for that wonderful session . . . I have been moved into a space of gentle stillness and will write with my questions later . . . my fears have been stunned into silence by such eloquence, simplicity/complexity, and truth . . . "my cup runneth over" . . . Blessings,"

Lela, Argentina

"Among her numerous gifts, Ishtar is a most kind, loving, wise, generous, compassionate and understanding soul. Two of her strongest assets as a channel are clarity and integrity. Both stood out as a beacon of light during an individual channel session I was privileged to receive from her. The information brought forth during this session was, of course, gentle and loving but also profoundly helpful, useful, practical and immediately applicable to my personal spiritual growth. The Beloved Masters that came through were generous with their advice and suggestions and many of the unspoken questions that lived within me were answered. Applying words to such a heart-felt experience is difficult. Suffice it to say, it will be counted as one of the greatest gifts I have received on my spiritual path. To the Universe I say, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. To Ishtar I say, Thank you and may you be blessed a thousand times a thousand-fold with the Love and Light you share so freely with others."

Sol'lama, Conneticut, USA 

 "The gentle, truthful words of love from the masters spoke directly to what was most needed in my life "now" to move forward on my journey. Most important were the practical suggestions offered to assist me to move beyond my resistance and to bring all the parts of me that feel separate and alone Home to the One Heart. This was the answer to the question I was seeking. I am eternally grateful for this assistance."

Sariya, Tucson Arizona, USA - Educator for Healing the Body

“Beloved Ishtar. From the depths of my Being we thank Thee and The Masters for the amazing session and Love and Wisdom that has been shared. The Light that has been shed upon areas of the path that we have so longed for needed for understanding....Eternal Gratitude and Infinite Love for Thee and for The Masters. Sending you Waves and Waves and Waves of Love, Light and Sound. Namaste."

Lehaya Shamahlea Kiama Ki'El Crystal Heart Keeper of the Universal Sound Currents, USA