The Brotherhood of Light

(Quotes have been Channelled by Ineasa Mabu)

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Babaji - Temple of Enlightenment

"I am one without form and life yet I am filled with the light. I walk the pathways of eternal light to my endless salvation and will walk beside you on your path of enlightenment. Step with me and seek the path of love for this is the way of the enlightened master. Let go your chains and limitations and be free of the veils of density and duality. In this you will become the light."

Called the deathless avatar, Babaji is the immortal master of the Himalayas that was written about in the Autobiography of a Yogi. Said to be about 5000 years old, he is ever youthful and a great server of humanity. Babaji travels by thought and manifests anything needed from the air. He overcame physical limitations and ascended with his physical body and has promised to remain in his physical body on the Earth plane.

Babaji assist those to come closer to God and to follow Divine Will. He encourages people to follow their own spiritual path.

Djwhal Khul.jpg

Djwahl Khul - Temple of the Inner Wisdoms

"I am the keeper of the wisdoms and hold the key to unlock the doorway to new unfoldments of mysteries. I will open your eyes and assist you to see more clearly the path upon which you tread. I will assist you to understand the Divine Heart and your connection in oneness to that which is within it. I am the light and the way."

Master Djwahl Khul was taught by Kuthumi and was also one of the Tibetans fostered by Madame Blavatsky in the 19th century. His other incarnations included Confucious, a Tibetan lama in the Himalayas. In the 1900 he ascended in his 6th incarnation on the Earth realm.

He works to balance energies and to make knowledge and wisdom accessible to all beings. He is also a Lord of Karma that sits on the Karmic Board.


Kuthumi - Temple of Love, Wisdom and Understanding.

"I come to assist those on the higher path of Light to focus on that which they are and to keep the flame alive and burning brightly within them. There is nought to do but to focus and be disciplined in what one wishes within one's heart. To see the path of God and to follow this golden light all the way unto the end. This does not seem so hard, but many find it intolerable. I am the one that comes to hold you firm and to teach you the nuances of Light."

Kuthumi is the cosmic teacher and assists all seekers who wish for knowledge, not for its own sake, but for the good of all. His last incarnation was as a Punjabi in India in the 19th century, Sirdar Thakar Singh Sadanwali. He attended Oxford University in 1850 and spent time in Germany. His remaining years were spent in Shigatse, Tibet, where he sent letters to students that are now in the British Museum. Originator of the Theosophical Society Madame Blavatsky met Singh in India and promoted his teachings along with others in North America.

Master Kuthumi was formerly Chohan of the 2nd ray of Divine Illumination but now serves with Jesus as a world teacher.

Kuthumi is the master that will teach you the divine truth of love and wisdom and how that may manifest and flow in your life. He shows the student that it is important to open to receive love as well as to give it in service, and assists you to open to love yourself so that you may truly offer love to others from your heart. He also offers God’s truth that all your experiences bring you wisdom as you learn to open through your love to see the wisdom in every experience that you encounter on the Earth.

It is said that Kuthumi is a member of the Brotherhood of Golden Robe, those who take on the pain of the world. His ashram sits high above Kashmir in India and he also has an etheric retreat at Machu Picchu. In past incarnations it is said that he held the personalities of Pythagoras, bringing in sacred geometry and the music of the spheres; the wise man, Balthazar; Shah Jahan and St Francis of Assisi. He works with Archangel Jophiel, and oversouls the vibrations, wisdom, illumination, foresight, consideration and friendliness. He works particularly with teachers, students, architects, ambassadors and artistic, creative people. Kuthumi always comes to seekers of knowledge when they call to him.

Call to Kuthumi when you truly wish to walk the spiritual path and open to your love and wisdom. He will show you the process through his wisdom to living a life filled with an open heart. He will always assist you if you call and if you have chosen a path to assist others Kuthumi will walk beside you to assist you.


Lord Melchizedek - Universal Logos - Temple of the Mysteries

"I am of the realms of the highest and sit on the right hand of God/Goddess. I bring to you the light of all that is to assuage your souls and spirit and to assist you to be that which you are. I am the Lord of Discipline and the Lord most high. I bring to you the frequencies of the God essence that which you are. Lift yourselves beloveds and be one with the light."

He was the priest/king of Salem in the time of Abraham and it is said he lives as a priest continually in all realms.

In the Dead Sea Scrolls he is called Michael and some allude to him as being one with Jesus and Archangel Michael. According to The Book of Enoch Mechizedek was the child of Noah's brother, Nir and others say he was Noah's son Shem. The Cosmic Priesthood or Order of Melchizedek is described in psalms and holds ancient esoteric teachings.

Call to Melchizedek when you need to feel empowered on the Earth and wish to manifest your highest potential.


Lord Maitreya - Temple of Light - Office of the Christ and Planetary Logos

"The Lords of Light await you to lift you up and hold you firm upon your path. Do not let your head drop to the pavement and walk unattended beloved ones. Be one with us and follow the Light for it is always your path home."

Maitreya is head of the spiritual hierarchy and is thought to be an aspect of Jesus and Sananda. In Buddhism Maitreya is the future Buddha who will be reborn in a period of decline to renew the doctrine of Buddha. It is said he is a bodhisattva, one who has refused entry to Nirvana through his desire to help others. His following first began in India around the 3rd century then spread to China, Korea and Japan. Scholars believe he was a monk named Sthiramati who showed compassion and kindness to others, although others call him Hotei, a T'ang Dynasty monk known for giving candy to children. It has been prophesised that 4-5,000 years after Buddha left his physical body Maitreya will reappear on the Earth in human form.

Call to Maitreya when you wish to hold enlightenment in your heart and mind.

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Saint Germain - The Mahachohan - Temple of Transformation

"Beloved ones of the Earth realms harken to that which I say to you at this time. Let go your resistance to the Light of God, be that which you are and transcend the illusionary realms of where you sit. Look skyward and be with me in bliss and infinity. Transmute the darkness to be one with the light. It is time."

Saint Germain was channelled by Madame Blavatsky in the late 19th century and was known as one of the "Tibetans" a group of three masters - Djwahl Khul and Kuthumi - that lived in Tibet and physically incarnated in the Himalayas. It was said they could materialise anywhere before your eyes.

Saint Germain also ruled over a kingdom about 50,000 years ago where the Sahara Desert now sits. It was filled with great peace, happiness and prosperity and most inhabitants retained full connection with the wisdom and power of God. Saint Germain is a master of the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the matter of spheres. He ruled by Light and was the embodiment of the archetype of universal Christhood. His is renown for his alchemy, elixirs of youth, inventions and gifts of love, light and life.

He was also the high Priest of the Violet Flame Temple in Atlantis 13,000 years ago.

It is also said Saint Germain incarnated as the following personalities on the Earth: Francis Bacon; one of the kings of Atlantis; Samuel the Prophet; Alban, a Roman soldier; Merlin; Roger Bacon; and Christopher Columbus.  In his last incarnation he was known as the Count Saint Germain, called the "Wonder Man of Europe" in the 1700's. It is said he e looked the same for 100 years, spoke every language, travelled by thought, fed the poor, and worked for peace. He took his body into light (ascended), and now works in service to humanity from the lighter realms. 

Saint Germain extolled and exemplified freedom of the mind and spirit and teaches us to espouse our inalienable divine right to live life according to our highest conception of God. He is also a Lord of Karma that sits on the Karmic Board.

It is claimed that Saint Germain's twin flame is the Ascended Lady Master Portia

It is also claimed that Saint Germain is the sponsor of the United States of America. It is said that Saint Germain stood by George Washington throughout the Revolution and during the winter at Valley Forge. His past efforts in initiating the society of Freemasons inspired many of the key figures of the American Revolution. General Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin and as many as fifty-three out of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence were all members of the Masonic order, whose principles had guided them in founding the new nation. Further, it is said that Saint Germain called for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, directed the writing of the Constitution and anointed Washington first President of the United States. 

Saint Germain is the supreme alchemist and teaches that the highest alchemy is the transformation of human consciousness into the divinity of the Higher Self. He stands ready to assist all souls in this endeavour. He has also said through channelled information that he would release the technology of the Aquarian age when the nations had put behind them the destructive uses of science and religion and enters his heart and the nucleus of the atom to harness from both the unlimited spiritual and physical resources to establish the golden age. 

His etheric retreats are located over Transylvania in Romania and Table Mountain in Wyoming. He wrote in cipher, "I trusteth all to the future and a land that is very far towards the sunset gate, I keep the future ever in my plan, looking for my reward, not to my times and countrymen, but to a people very far off, and an age not like our own, but a second golden age of learning.” 

He oversouls the age of Aquarius and offers the gift of the violet flame to assist transmutation and transformation of all energy – from pure light to pure light. He tutors and initiates souls in their mastery, preparing them to receive the Holy Spirit’s gifts of prophecy and the working of miracles. 

Saint Germain offers the potent power of the violet flame to transform the vibration of all energy that holds you in limitation – your fears, old beliefs and karma. He assists you to let go your old attachments and to embrace the new energy that will liberate you.

Call to Saint Germain when you are challenged, in limitation, in resistance, unable to see the divine truth, feeling trapped, when the ego leads you into power struggles and when your fear urges you to try to control everything.


Serapis Bey - Temple of Ascension

"I am the leader of the path of Ascension and it is through me as the gateway that you will take your initiations in light and love to discover the true path and that which you are. Call to me to assist you along the path to bring forth the illuminations of each doorway and to hold it wide open for you to step through when you are ready. In the meantime, I will be the whisper in your ear to remind you of that which you are."

Master of Sacred Mystery Schools in all realms.

It is Serapis Bey that holds, the ascension door open in the etheric realms in Luxor, Egypt.

He was the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III in 1417-1379BC, called the magnificent, bringing Egypt to the height of diplomatic prestige, prosperity and peace. He constructed the temple of Luxor. He also embodied as Leonidas, King of Sparta in around 480BC. He was a high priest in the Ascension Temple in Atlantis more than 11,500 years ago. He also worked with Madame Blavatsky founder of the Theosophical Society in the 19th century.

It is said he ascended in 400BC. A loving master Serapis assists to bring peace to the Earth and avert war and loves nothing better than to coach people demanding lovingly that we see the light within us. He is interested in the physical body and offers advice on caring for your physical wellbeing as well as your spiritual wellbeing. He is also a Lord of Karma that sits on the Karmic Board.

Serapis Bay assists all souls who wish to open to the greater mystery of life and to expand this within their own heart. He offers a deep connection to the mystery of God consciousness that is found in each one of us and assists you to embrace the unknown mystery of life as it unfolds.

It is said that Serapis Bey originally came from Venus and is the Keeper of the White flame and he works with Archangel Chamuel on the ray of compassion and is the only Ascended Master who works with the Seraphim. 

It is also said he incarnated as the Pharaohs Akhenaton V and Amenophis. 

Serapis Bey is the master of Divine Truth and is often very direct and straightforward. He touches the very core of any matter and can see past all that filters the Divine Truth.

Call on Serapis Bey when you wish to begin to train on the inner planes and work deeply with spirit and when you wish assistance to connect more deeply with your higher self consciousness. Call to him when you truly wish to embrace the mystery of God in your life. Call on him when you need to know Divine Truth and cannot see past your old stories to the core of any matter.

Sanat Kumara – Eternal Divine Self

Sanat Kumara  is an "advanced being" at the ninth level of initiation who is regarded as the Lord or Regent of Earth and the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy  of Earth who dwells in Shamballah , a city said by Theosophists and those adherent to the Ascended Master Teachings to be a floating city on the etheric plane  above the Gobi Desert .

It is believed that he is the founder of the Great White Brotherhood, which is composed of Masters of the Ancient Wisdom called in the Ascended Master Teachings and volunteers from other worlds who have joined together to advance spiritual evolution on Earth. A shrine to Sanat Kumar which attracts and unites people of all religions and faiths is situated in the town of Kataragama , Sri Lanka. In Sanskrit Sanat means "eternal", Kumara means a "youth", which would make Sanat Kumar the "eternal youth" in Sanskrit.

It is believed that Sanat Kumara came from Venus to the Earth around 18, 500, 000 years ago with the Lords of Flame, which included many of our world teachers, and they set up a colony on the Earth. The beings living on the etheric plane of Venus are said to be hundreds of millions of years ahead of us in their spiritual evolution.  It is said that the governing council of Venus  one of themselves, Sanat Kumara, here to guide us. 

Call on Sanat Kumara when you need to see your own light and beauty and embrace this as your truth. 

Sananda – Divine Light

Sananda is the higher self of the personality on the Earth known as Jeshua of Nazareth. He is the spiritual mentor of humanity and assists our spiritual growth and guides us to the alignment of our souls' highest spiritual evolution. 

Sananda reminds us of our Christed (God) natures and how this vibration of energy lives in the heart of each one of us. Sananda holds the Christed light and comes to activate it within you that you may remember your true nature and activate this into your reality on the Earth. He calls to humanity to come into the acceptance of their God nature to embrace the state of unconditional love that is held deeply I the core of their consciousness.

The consciousness of Sananda is available to each of us at all times, and when we choose to open our hearts to receive his unconditional love he guides us from to embrace self-loving choices and actions in our daily lives and improve our understanding and practice of the state of Unconditional Love.  

As the prophet Jeshua on the Earth, Sananda showed humanity how death can be overcome and that love, forgiveness and compassion are our true nature. "What I have done you can do and more". Like all great masters Jeshua came to teach humanity how to embody our Christed (godlike) nature on the Earth.

Call to Sananda when you wish to step from your ego mind and embrace your Divine Nature as your truth and to live each day held in the state of unconditional love. Call to him when you need assistance to love yourself and to accept the Divine in all beings.

Lord Lanto, Sage and Master of Precipitation

Lord Lanto is a master of the power of precipitation—the alchemical process of drawing forth cosmic light and substance from the universe and coalescing it into physical form, often by using the Science of the Spoken Word. He is concerned with the guidance of your spiritual destiny, helping you to recognize God and achieve soul freedom, whatever your path and beliefs. He is dedicated to the evolution of this planet through Cosmic Christ illumination. The golden flame that he bears is charged with the momentum of God-victory for the youth of the world.Lanto wants all of us to recognize our Inner Light and believe in our own Divinity. When we are able to recognise that each one of us is an emanation of God, that we all are in truth never separated from Him and that we are all One, we will see that the path we choose to take Home is not relevant, but how we tread that path is. Lanto works especially with the crown chakra and will help us open to receive words of wisdom and knowledge and gain an inner knowing of when we hear truths. Gaining knowledge also helps us expand our boundaries and our perceptions and makes us receptive to new concepts, thoughts and ideas.