Photos above taken on the Path of One Heart Retreat in Crete 2019


The Path of the One Heart brought me, in fact, into my heart being. It opened an infinite wheel of opportunities and connected me with many beautiful souls along the way. It is hard to describe with words how grateful I am for the lessons I received during this course and beyond, as the learnings still continue to manifest.

What astonished me most about this course is the understanding I gained of who I am, of the gifts that I hold and the choices that I have. The empowerment that came with this recognition and remembrance, perhaps, has changed me profoundly. From my heart I can say today, this path is truly beautiful. It may not always seem that easy to walk it, but it is a path to the innermost self, to all that is.

Jovana Konopka, Berlin Germany


I am so happy to have completed the Path of the One Heart. It was beautiful with the healings and activations, but also so challenging on many levels! I feel I have grown so much and I have a much deeper understanding of myself. So thank you!

The most important key I received is the key to self love. Before this course this was only a concept for me but now I have actual experience. I have learnt this through learning to forgive myself which has been huge. I have a long way to go in integrating this work, but I have some tools now to work with.

I was really impressed how available you were throughout the course, answering questions to emails etc.

Penny Rouvas, UK


The most important keys I received during this course were: Being. Learning how to be – the witness, the observer. It is easy to follow.

My advice is more for future students:  Not to be in a rush.  Just to practice daily and do the homework (changing life work) as it is with practice that this work is anchored in us.

Catherine Bowen, UK


It is a life changing work that has a lot of impact inwards, shifting from many directions, opening to unlimited possibilities. Such a profound work to integrate in many levels of our being and that’s quite an experience. 

Eureka Aragon, Amsterdam


I received many, many keys but I have a choice to choose the most important key I received- The Blueprints! To sit in the consciousness of our original creation! To experience once again such purity and beauty! This key brought so much light and it is only in the light that we can see love.

Marlene Berman, San Diego


The reminder that I am a Jani Tara and all I need do is to shine my Light upon humanity. The course was easy to follow in that the presentations were amazing. Not so easy in that what was presented was extremely intense. The depth of work was often quite challenging!!

Colin Stein, Sydney


WOWOWEEWEEWOWOW!! It was a closing ceremony but it feels like it's just the beginning. Seeming paradoxes of the human condition. I sound my heart note in love and gratitude to beloved teacher, Ishtar.

Marty, Canada


I could not have envisioned the gifts we received as we started this journey. Thank you for sharing all this work and your faith in the Masters, enabling us to receive all. Something has truly clicked in right away today after the closing ceremony, I know so, as I needed to write an e-mail to a lady who requested a session for healing/guidance etc, and I just wrote under my name:  

Jani Tara of Light

Which I never even thought of doing, but now it without a doubt just feels right to do so.  

Wanda Shaufele, Amsterdam


Just want to say thank you for doing this course. It has allowed for a deepening of understandings, connection to my Divine Presence, realizations of all the layers of support that exist and a moving forward towards serving the greater whole, bigger picture, as well as tools and techniques that I can continue to work with. This is exactly everything I needed. C

Certainly it has not always been easy or comfortable to work on myself, but it's all good, and I just keep moving forward. I am deeply grateful for your hard work in putting this together, the teachings, the meditations, the Codes, everything. It was perfect, inspiring and Life Changing! This work is so necessary. I remember when you did a personal session for me two years ago now, I think it was, and you mentioned the Masters were revealing this course to you and I was so happy to hear it, because I had been praying for what was next, and to gain greater clarity and to feel supported in my development, which at the time I wasn't feeling....so yes, a HUGE thanks to you for doing this, because it is a lot of work and dedication on your part!

Joy Robinson, New York