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Ishtar and the many teachers that now teach her work have been training students on the spiritual path for more than a decade around the world. This includes The Masters Way, Open to Channel School, The Path of the One Heart and Universal Rays Healing program, as well as numerous workshops and retreats. This work is taught in English and French.

Students usually enrol because of personal endorsements from past students, as we do not formally advertise the School. Here are some comments from our students over the years.

When I began this class, I entered it to deepen my understanding and relationship with the Ascended Masters. I would see things during a healing…. and didn’t understand the meaning. So, I had an expectation. The shift for me was to let things be, to allow good feelings to surround me without dissecting them. I feel that my spirituality has deepened. There is a deeper commitment of soul connection with the heavens and the earth below. I feel like I am being held in the hands of God every day. And each day of my life is a gift. This has brought me more inner peace and appreciation of others that come into my per view for the second or hours. I see life so different; like looking through a lens of a camera but seeing things in technicolor.

Bertha Weil, USA

I learned in The Masters’ Way to let go of what no longer serves me, letting go of what/who was hurting my soul, allowing myself to walk the path of mystery by giving up the need to control, being in judgment, etc. so that I can live in a space of love, peace, gratitude and allowing and not let the chaos around me try to change my feelings, attitude, knowing or truth.I feel more connected to my truth, myself, Source, and my claircognizance has opened more since doing this course work.

Michele Echevarria, USA

I "feel" energy and "Presences" and points on my energy field or body as they are being activated or worked on, and I can testify that every activation was powerful and definitely helped shift perspectives or let go of things, or feel supported, which is so important. I can also tell you, The activations  work even from reading the words....and the "lessons" bring things up in life the week before that lesson is done.

Joy Robertson - The Masters’ Way

I just want to express my deepest gratitude to you, for the gift that you are, for the love that you are, for the beautiful service you give to the one heart.  I was truly moved by this ceremony today as I felt a familiar and joyful coming together with all again. I honor your dedication and infinite drive to teach, love and support all of us on this wonderful journey of mystery, grace and discovery of who we truly are.  When you first opened the webinar I was struck by  how beautiful and radiant you were !! It was the light emanating from  your beautiful, beautiful heart...... 

Barbara Connor, USA

Open to Channel has been the most elevating experience. I connected with my soul and inner light. The messages I receive are crystal clear and the joy in my heart is impossible to describe. I have finally found my peace through the most beautiful course I have had the blessing to be involved in. With love and light,

Linda Mattar, UK

I express my deep gratitude towards Ishtar and the work she does. Working with her through 3 programs (Path of Light, Path of Love and Open to Channel) she offers, has truly changed my life. Even as a yoga teacher for 10 years I was still struggling with heavy family relationship issues. This work has allowed me to transform all my relationships and truly open to my potential. I came from a feeling of being a victim of my life to being able to be happy in my life and with myself, manifesting my dreams and my light. I encourage everyone who wants truly to be happy to do this work. It is truly a blessing. Without this work I would not be who I am today. I am in awe with my life and myself. Thank you Ishtar to help me becoming the master of myself and of my life upon the Earth. With my deep respect, love and gratitude.

Lila Catherine Bruschweiler (Nyon – Switzerland)

Thank you Ishtar and my fellow OTC group heart members and supportive friends. The awareness I have opened myself to with the experience of this course is limitless. I am open now to being more of who I am - much less fear - and much more empowerment. What an amazing gift this course has been - much gratitude.

Alison Ramsay, Australia

Déjà la fin d’un premier bout d’aventure. Le voyage est magnifique et je te remercie d’être mon guide sur ce chemin.

Veronique Fischer, Geneva

The Open to Channel School is a wonderful opportunity to take your Spiritual development and understanding of who you are to a new and more enlightened level. For me the structure of the course, with the leadership of Ishtar and the assistance of the Ascended Masters challenged me to help me grow in a supported environment. I fully recommend this to anyone who wants to grow, learn more about themselves and their Spiritual development.

Alex Corrodus, Sydney, Australia

J’honore et remercie de vous avoir rencontré sur le chemin et pour la merveilleuse, rayonnante présence lumineuse que vous manifestez sur terre. C’est une grande joie pour mon coeur d’avoir passé ces jours de retraite et formation des rayons avec vous et le groupe. Je ressens un immense cadeau des Maîtres grâce à votre canal et maintenant mon coeur est prêt à ouvrir de plus en plus à recevoir

Cathy, Geneva

The program offers such an amazing structure and foundation, teaching us to ground our pillar, allow ourselves to receive, to trust ourselves and really expand our consciousness. It really helped me to work more consciously with my aspects, and the masters.  The tools and lessons provided will serve me throughout my life.  

Amaraya Kilana Rose, USA


After many years of doing different spiritual work with many teachers, I am so grateful to have found Ishtar and the Open To Channel School. It has been the most complete and truly amazing experience for me. I feel lighter, happier and more spiritually grounded than ever before. I now have a greater connection to all that I am, and to the Masters and I would highly recommend this course to anyone. With gratitude.

Lily de Chalain, Sydney, Australia

Being in community, sharing and being guided by Ishtar and the Masters is something that I would recommend to anyone on their personal spiritual journey to embrace. Thank you for a heart felt experience.

Adam McLean, Sydney

I wanted to express my deep love and gratitude for you.  The work I have done with you is a miracle.

Lila, Geneva

This course has been amazing and transforming for me. I have a far greater understanding and appreciation of myself, my full self.  I have a far deeper connection to spirit and all around me. Thank you Ishtar for the space you create and the teachings you provide that encourage and support this movement into a whole and interconnected being.  I will be eternally grateful for this gift. 

Sharyn Paul, Melbourne, Australia

A lot has changed since the beginning of this course. Thank you dear Ishtar for your patience, love and support throughout this course that lasted almost 2 years for me.  It really gave me the time to integrate after many lessons. Again thank you for all the wonderful work you do and share.  You are a blessing for humanity. 

Nicole Thibodeau (Kishalah), Montreal, Canada

The Open to Channel School and Ishtar meet you where you are at with compassion, encouragement and non judgment which has helped me surrender more deeply to my channel. The grace filled and loving embrace of the Masters is felt every day. Rai’yina, Australia

De tout coeur un infini et éternel merci à Ishtar pour sa dévotion à la lumière et à l'amour. Depuis toute petite je me suis posée des milliers de questions sur la vie, sur notre existence ici sur terre. D' oû on vient et pourquoi on est ici...à faire quoi? Comment être heureuse dans ce monde chamboulé par nos émotions, nos limitations, nos peurs. Comment faire pour "sentir" le "haut-de-là" si il existe. Comment unir les deux mondes........ toutes ces questions ont, après de longues années de questionnement, enfin trouvé leurs réponses dans ce magnifique cours Open To Channel. C'est un outil puissant pour devenir de plus en plus maître de soi et de ne plus faire n'importe quoi, d'honorer la vie! Bénédictions à tous les lecteurs, puisse ce cours toucher votre âme et éveiller en vous la lumière que vous êtes. Namaste

Eveline Docampo, Geneva

Open to Channel is truly a wonderful course! I’ve studied and travelled extensively for many years always searching for that “great pearl” of spiritual realisation. I count Ishtar’s visit to Los Angeles in 2012 as one of my life’s greatest blessings. After a private channeled session with Ishtar I was inspired to join the course. Through her guidance and that of the Masters’, I released many blocks that were lurking deep within me and that were preventing my heart to be fully opened.  Emotions such as doubt, self-hatred, fear and depression gently became transformed into unconditional love and trust for each and every moment. I enthusiastically recommend Ishtar’s OTC course to anyone that seeks to live life grounded in the Self, in joy and love. 

Maria Perez-Goodman, USA

If you choose to do this course, be prepared to go on a 'roller coaster' ride. There will be times when you will be up and there will be times you will be down. There will be times you will understand and there will be times when it seems all too difficult. This is simply the journey. At the end of this road you will know more about yourself, you will know more about your Spirit, you will know more about your Soul. You will look back on this Course and you will be astounded as to how much you have learnt, how much you have understood, how much you have progressed. Yes, this Course takes time, it takes commitment but you will be working, not only with Ishtar and the Ascended Masters but with the Group Heart as well, all of whom are there to help and support you on your journey. What you put into this Course you will get out - mentally, physically and spiritually. This Course is a path well worth travelling. It will allow you to explore and discover realms that you never believed could exist. You will come out at the other end a far better, stronger, grounded and enlightened individual.

Colin Stein, Sydney

I notice when I look back there have been so many profound changes in my life. I treat myself a lot more kindly. I am quicker to transcend negative thought forms and stress, which has been of enormous benefit to my physical, emotional and mental health. I am more open to receive love and have deepened and transformed my relationship with my man. The affirmation is a useful mantra for me now, also. If I feel myself getting stressed, I can breathe and bring it to mind and I drop out of my head quicker than I was able to do before. 

Louise O’Donnell UK

How can I express in mere words the enormity of the gifts I have received through the Open To Channel School? How do I condense into a handful of phrases the growth, expansion, love and peace flowing in my life as a direct result of doing this work? How shall I convey in 1 dimensional words the grace, depth, compassion, love and wisdom of your Divine tutelage? How grateful am I for the abundance and bliss evident daily in my life as I continue to utilise the OTC teachings to live as a clear expression of my soul's purpose? How indeed? Words fail me!!!

Michele Gray, Sydney, Australia

OTC m'a permis de voir la vie dans un ensemble et elle m a offert vraiment des outils pour mon travail et pour ma vie quotidienne. Je suis ainsi plus indépendante et je peux mieux gérer tous ce qui se présente à moi dans ma vie. Les webinars sont des enseignements fabuleux que cela soit liés avec les enseignements canalisés par Ishtar ou le partage des participants tous est en lien avec ce que l on vit dans notre vie quotidienne et surtout de pouvoir faire cela en français est pour moi une très belle opportunité. Ce cours malgré un emplois du temps très chargé m a toujours accompagné et j ai pu tout intégrer à mon rythme sans ressentir aucune obligation de parts et d autres mais juste un soutien fabuleux de la part d Isthar et des autres participants. Merci pour ce cours et je me réjouis de continuer ce magnifique chemin de l apprentissage de la vie.

Joëlle Vassali, Geneva

The Open to Channel course brings to the student far more than just opening your channel pillar.  It facilitates a deep spiritual healing and development and helps the initiate to both understand and focus on his/her Soul Mission. You have the constant support of the Masters oversouling the Course, especially the ones who choose to connect with you individually, and Ishtar is always there to help and encourage throughout. For the sincere, honest seeker of true spirituality, the Open to Channel Course offers simply the best way.

Josephine Buchanan, UK

Open to Channel is transformational work. For sure it will be a bumpy road but stick with it and you will be a lighter person by its completion. The growth you will experience is wondrous and you will know yourself more deeply on all levels. It will bring your Divine Self to the surface for you and the world to be reacquainted with.  A journey into expanding the love of self and so much more. 

Narayana Rodriguez, Sydney, Australia

L’Ouverture de Canal fut pour nous une décision de dernière minute. Beaucoup de résistances les premiers mois puis doucement des lâches prises ont pris place. Avec le temps et beaucoup de patience d’Ishtar, nous comprenons que l’OTC ce n’est pas canaliser des messages ou autres, mais que c’est ouvrir cet espace (canal) en nous et travailler à le rendre plus clair, à être dans le flux, à fusionner avec notre âme et notre Divine présence et toutes les autres parties de nous. Sur ce chemin où se mélange le merveilleux et le pas facile, on découvre notre potentiel et notre pouvoir. On découvre qui nous sommes et on finit par comprendre que tout est dedans. Tout ce que nous cherchions en vain à l’extérieur est tout simplement dedans. C’est notre trésor, notre cadeau, notre richesse illimitée. C’est un cours fabuleux et nous nous réjouissons d’avoir choisi ce chemin, car il nous éclaire à tous les niveaux. Merci à Ishtar et à tous les Maîtres ascensionnés. 

Sylviane Marti, Geneva

The teaching that the Masters offer through our wonderful Ishtar is extremely powerful, bringing in a higher consciousness on how and what we channel. Ishtar is always available and guiding us so that we keep on track. 

Nathalie Puzone, Geneva

Ishtar's mastery has given me the puzzle piece my heart has been calling for for 18 years - hallelujah! Her mastery holds the keys for  all parts of  your  channel to fully open. Each of the audio  recordings are fully loaded with transmissions  - crystal clear clarity of all teachings, guidance and  grand understandings . I am illuminated!  Isheeni Wachenewanika Eshwah, Sydney, Australia

Ishtar is a deeply experienced, loving, divine coach whose large team of Ascended Masters held me throughout the course to lift all obstacles that have held me back for so long. This support has transformed my nagging doubts into sublime confidence and catapulted me into group work. 

Ocha Sheehan, Umina, Australia