Wisdom of the Masters Series

·      9.5 hours of teaching, meditation and wisdom

·      Plus transcripts to read for every recording.

·      Plus an E Book called Wisdom of the Masters – Connection to Love



Normally priced at $299 but discounted to $95 for all Global Summit listeners.


What is included: 

Live audio recordings from the workshop series called Wisdom of the Masters  with transcripts:

1.     Light and Love Meditation (25 mins)

2.     Connecting to Divine Source with Lady Sarah and Lady Portia (2h25m)

3.     Honour the Self with Quan Yin and Mary Magdalene (1h49m)

4.     Align your Will and Discover your Potential with El Moyra (54m)

5.     Let Go Limitation with Lord Kuthumi (28m)

6.     The Way Forward with Lord Sananda (37m)

7.     Open to Gratitude and Forgiveness with St Germain (27m)

8.     Questions and Answers with St Germain (1h7m)

9.     9 Resolve the Karma with Lady Nada (56m)

10.  Embrace the Golden Flame with Lord Maitreya (1h23m)

11.  Reclaim Your Power and Q&A with Lord Melchizedek (35m)

Plus E Book called Wisdom of the Masters – Connection to Love

Upon purchase the Dropbox link will be sent to your email address so you may listen to and download the files


This special offer is only valid from February 15 2018 to April 15th 2018

Discounted offer for all Summit listeners. Normally priced at $299 discounted to $95.