Beloved Hearts

We ask you to take a moment in time to journey with us along the pathways of light, sitting with us in circle together in the One Heart of all that is. Sit quietly now and breathe deeply into your being. Step now into your heart and be one with your heart as we come to you in light waves of energy to fill your being. 

Breathe deeply of the golden chalice we share with you and drink deeply of the elixir of knowing that we offer to you at this time. And as you drink, beloved one, feel each and every one of your chakras begin to open like the lotus flower kissed by the morning sun, feeling each petal uncurl and share its light with your being.

As you begin to gently awaken in light, surrender to the angelic energies that flow around you and allow yourself to  lift your vibration even higher to meet the light of all that is. Listen to the deep angelic sounds of love they sing to you, then simply breathe, allowing yourself to receive the divine love that is offered to you now. As your heart opens, we invite you to take our hand, for we come to you in open-hearted love to assist you at this time.  

Follow in our light footprints and as you walk upon the path see the crystals of light we have strewn before you. Pick these up and place them into your chakras.   Each crystal, beloved one, will activate your understanding of what your soul is seeking at this time.

We are the Ascended Masters of Light who reach out to you now in open-hearted embrace. We hold no expectation of you, beloved hearts, for we come only to serve. We honor you in each and every moment of your existence.

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As you breathe ever more deeper now into the quiet place within your heart where we sit with your soul, we honor the beauty you hold within.

We give thanks for the blessing you are upon the Earth. 

Breathe deeply, beloved one, and receive the love that is offered to you. 

Blessed be beloved,


Master Kuthumi



An advanced course for anyone wishing to deepen their spiritual connection. The next school begins on April 5th 2015  

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Allow the Ascended Masters to show you the way to self-mastery on the Earth. Walk the threefold path with us.

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